New Mac Update Lets iPhone Users Sync Contacts to Google

Sorry PC Users. And non-iPhone users. And we're not sorry for you having to think about an upgrade to Vista or Windows Mobile 6.1 either. No, we're sorry because Google loves us iPhone users more than you. Google has an iPhone Fixation. The newest evidence? The latest and greatest update to the Mac OS, 10.5.3, just came out today and it has a new feature: syncing of contacts with Google. Gmail already works better with the iPhone than it does with any other mail app, now it works better with the iPhone when plugged into a Mac, too.

Odd that it would only work if you have an iPhone, though, innit? If you're not "one of us" (Google! Goggle!), you can still sync your contacts up with Yahoo, who still is also the only way to get Push email pre-iPhone-2.0.

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Update: Ars Technica chimes in with a hack for your forlorn non-iPhone-owning Mac Users. For my part, I very much want to apply 10.5.3 but I have a policy of waiting at least a week before installing it. Crazy? ...Or crazy like a fox?

Dieter Bohn
  • I love gmail. It is by far the best email i have ever used. However, the contacts management is horrible. Personally, I hate how it adds any email address you send/receive mail in your address book. Yes, this can be great if you need an email and forgot who its from, however, i do alot of ebay/craigsist, so my email "contacts" is well over 100-20 people I never even met! So, yea, I would never use this new "feature" unless gmail changes the way they implement contacts.
  • Where is this option located? I see a screen-shot but I don't know where there screen resides in OSX
  • Hey Kevin -
    After you update to 10.5.3, it should be in the preferences for Address Book. Sorry I didn't mention that in the article!
  • yes i was waiting for that
  • I downloaded & instaled 10.5.3 & it doesnt have this option in Address Book Preferences (just Yahoo Exchange & .Mac
  • Am I missing something? I read this as a feature for all MAC users, not mac Iphone users. For example, wouldn't this be available to MAC users who are NOT iPhone users? ... in which case, it seems more a MAC thing than an iPhone thing.....