This new Nintendo Switch case is perfect for carrying … well, everything

San Francisco-based custom device case manufacturer WaterField Designs announced the newest addition to its line of highly specialized gaming cases — the Arcade Gaming Case for Nintendo Switch — in a press release this morning, and it's the ideal accessory if you're the type to bring a full-on arcade setup with you from time to time.

Each case is made of a combination of ballistic nylon or waxed canvas and premium full-grain leather, and holds a Switch console, JoyCon Grip or Pro Controller, AC power adapter, game card holder, USB charging cable, ear buds, and a Hori PlayStand. The zipper is waterproof, and on the inside the case has a soft plush liner with a multitude of pockets, ensuring that your system and accessories are protected and meticulously organized. A detachable shoulder strap is included with each case as well, allowing for easy, hands-free transport.

WaterField Designs owner Gary Waterfield stated that this particular case was based on customer requests and responses to other cases in their Nintendo Switch case family:

We received fabulous feedback from our customers about what else they'd like to see in our Nintendo Switch case lineup. We're all about directly meeting our customers needs, so we turned their feedback into action. With their Switch propped up on the Hori stand and their Joy Con Grip or Pro Controller, gamers can now pack their Arcade Case to play arcade style anywhere they take their Switch.

The Arcade Gaming Case comes in three styles — black ballistic with black leather, black ballistic with chocolate leather, and waxed canvas with grizzly leather — and is priced at $109. If you order it today, it'll ship by November 17 (in plenty of time for the holidays).

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