New, updated, and discounted apps: iOS 8 updates incoming!

Today iOS 8 launches, and along with it, a whoooooole bunch of apps are being updated to support the new software. It's a veritable avalanche of updates, but we're going to dig up the very best ones for you. Give us a shout in the comments if you find any more!

iOS 8 app updates

  • TextExpander - Set custom shortcuts (snippets) which expand to full phrases with this custom keyboard.
  • Screens VNC - Use Touch ID and 1Password to unlock, and send rich text through a shared clipboard between devices.
  • Transmit - Share files directly from your iPhone or iPad to your Amazon S3, FTP, SFTP, or WebDAV server.
  • Epic Zen Garden - See what Metal graphics rendering can do with the tech demo.
  • Slack - Share items directly to Slack channels and fellow collaborators from outside apps thanks to Extensions. Also gets 1Password integration.
  • 1Password - Log into websites securely with a mere touch. Free for a limited time.
  • Clear - View your latest tasks in the Today view.
  • Camera Plus: Family Share pictures to other devices, haul in pictures for editing via Extensions, hop between devices for editing with Handoff.
  • Instapaper: Read anything in a clutter-free environment thanks to Extensions. Saved articles show in Notification Center.
  • TouchPal - A theme-friendly custom keyboard.
  • Mint - Use Touch ID to access your personal finances.
  • EyeEm - Follow friends and reply to comments on shared photos directly from notifications, and share pics for editing directly from the Photos app.
  • OmniFocus 2 - Task manager lets you see what's next in the Notification Center. Also, shoot new tasks to the app through sharing Extensions.
  • Facebook - Ubiquitous social networking app optimized for the iPhone 6's bigger screen.
  • Color Keyboards - Stick close to the original keyboards, but add in your favorite colors.
  • KuaiBoard - Use this custom keyboard to drop in chunks of preset text easily for those really repetitive e-mails and form letters.
  • Yahoo Weather - Access the latest forecast from the Today widget.
  • Dropbox - See latest activity in Today widget, plus new sharing controls for Pro and Business users.
  • Minuum - A resizable keyboard perfect for those sticking with the smaller screen.
  • Finish - Complete or stall tasks from the Notification Center.
  • Swype - Another fantastic custom keyboard that focuses on gestures.
  • Wdgts - A whole collection of useful notification tray widgets.
  • Pocket - Handoff support lets you keep reading where you left between devices, and add new stories directly through Safari thanks to Extensions.
  • Simple - Get access to your banking information through Touch ID.
  • Find my Friends - Apple's location-sharing app can now move your friends list to iCloud.
  • Find my iPhone - Now ties in with iOS 8 Family Sharing.
  • iTunes U - Automatically add assignment due dates to calendar.
  • Retro - Instagram viewer for iPad adds Today widget for keeping tabs on timeline and adds 1Password integration thanks to Extensions.
  • Day One - Today widget offers flashback to previous entries, Extensions allow for easy importing from other apps, and Touch ID enabled to unlock.
  • Evernote - Save notes with Notification Center widget, and clip content from all over with Extensions. Touch ID unlock for premium users.
  • Badland - Visual optimizations for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus screen size.
  • Vimeo - Easier uploading and sharing thanks to Extension support.
  • Asphalt 8 - Exclusive iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus season plus switch to Metal graphics engine.
  • SwiftKey - Hugely popular custom keyboard finally on iOS.
  • Fleksy - One of the first custom keyboards for iPhone.
  • OpenTable - Notification Center widget to let you know about upcoming reservations.
  • Fragment - Resume editing between devices using Handoff.
  • Endomondo - HealthKit integration and interactive notifications for challenge requests.
  • Microsoft OneNote - Clip all sorts of content to the cloud with new Share Extension.
  • Buzzfeed - Catch the latest from the Today widget and bookmark from notifications.
  • Box - Access Box files in other apps thanks to new Document Provider extension.
  • Duolingo - Lesson progress widget added to language-learning app.
  • pCalc - Quick calculation widget added.
  • Snapguide - Recipe and home decor app adds iCloud Drive integration.
  • Redfin - Real estate reference adds Today widgets.
  • MyFitnessPal - Fitness tracker adds HealthKit integration.
  • App in the Air - Flight tracker adds widgets.
  • Amazon - Online shopping app adds Touch ID signin option.
  • Carrot Fit - Fitness tracker adds HealthKit integration and iPad support.
  • Pinterest - Pin to your collections from Safari, support bigger iPhone screens.
  • Calendars 5 - Check your schedule with a new Today View widget.
  • Scanner Pro - Can now scan photos directly from the photo library thanks to Extensions.
  • PDF Expert - Zoom Writing, AirTurn support, bookmarks management and iOS 8 exclusive features.
  • Documents 5 - Open, view, and edit files stored in iCloud Drive.
  • Printer Pro - Wirelessly print documents from your iCloud Drive.
  • PDF Converter - Save iCloud Drive files in other formats as a PDF locally.
  • LastPass - Safari extension for remembering passwords and Touch ID integration.
  • Sky Guide - Sunrise, sunset, and lots of other information available in a Today widget.

New iOS apps

  • Goat Simulator: Achieve a trans-species nirvana in the greatest sim game of all time. - $4.99 - Download now

Discounted iOS apps

  • Numerics: Business statistic visualizer. $19.99 Free - Download now

Other iOS app updates

  • Ascension: New Darkness Unleashed expansion available for this dark fantasy card game. - Free, IAPs - Download now
  • Rules!: Two new game modes added to this memory-testing puzzle game. - $1.99 - Download now
  • Real Racing 3: Classic Lamorghinis added in this beautiful racing gaming. - Free, IAPs - Download now
  • Snipp3t: Catch celebrity Tweets and Instagram pictures from within the app. - Free - Download now
  • Twitch: Chromecast support added to help you watch live video gameplay on the big screen. - Free - Download now
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