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Nike rumored to be axing Fuelband hardware division

Here's one to take with a grain of salt, simply because as of now it's not official. Sources at CNet say that most of the FuelBand team is to be let go, and that Nike will halt production of the hardware altogether. This includes the planned "slim" version to be released later this year, and everything else the 70-odd member team may have been working on.

Word of the plans also have reached the tech-industry anonymous network last week, where an anonymous poster said:

The douchebag execs at Nike are going to lay off a bunch of the eng team who developed The FuelBand, and other Nike+ stuff. Mostly because the execs committed gross negligence, wasted tons of money, and didn't know what they were doing

Interestingly enough, Nike just launched the Fuel Lab — a San Francisco-based think tank for testing connected devices. It's possible that Nike, who will release an API for it's software services, has plans to partner with another player or players to build hardware.

Now that the rumor is out in the open, we expect to hear more and will keep you updated.

Source: CNet

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  • This is no surprise?, that is what executives do, screw stuff up they think they know everything because they have money and power???, big mistake to let them do anything. Sent from the iMore App
  • Well it only worked with IOS so they kind of limited themselves. Maybe they are doing this because of the rumored Iwatch and they will have their app preinstalled on every one. Sent from the iMore App
  • I was thinking the same thing. If they had opened it up to other platforms, maybe it would continue as a product? "Android is a Robot, not a Galaxy."
  • doesn't surprise me. My band died within 13 months, customer service is way too slow or doesn't respond at all. Crap product, and I would bet they didnt see enough of that crap
  • I see this as confirmation that the Apple iWatch will have Nike+ in it. Why make a fitness band when Apple will do it for you (and better)? Fire the whole hardware team.
  • I was thinking the same thing.
  • This is not rumor. This is confirmed.
  • Yup it's confirmed.
    And Apple should just hire their human resources working on fuelband to work on their rumored iWatch and make it a better product. Sent from the iMore App
  • It's not necessarily a bad move. Nike wanted to get into this to prime the market and set their stall out. So they do it, get the market going as they want it, and gain some insight, now they can step back and partner with people and focus on their core business. The goal was to get people using their stuff, gain insight and boost brand. Job done, now this division gets in the way of them working with the people who will take this market forward.
  • I think Nike will survive. It has a small division that makes shoes and apparel to fall back on. Maybe it can help pick of the slack.
  • Think about that Ben Shaffer (one of the design directors from Nike) switched to apple in 2013. apple should hire these guys also. Their knowledge combined with Ive's desing ideas can bring a real good wearable device. Sent from the iMore App