Sure you can get an iPhone that says AT&T or even Verizon now, but curious how to make the carrier name say anything you want? Want to put your own name, even an icon? If you're Jailbroken and not afraid of a little hacking, we'll show you how after the break!

While I am only showing this method for AT&T users, it can be done for non-AT&T users as well by changing the bundle and icon names in the tutorial accordingly which you can find in /System/Library/Carrier Bundles/)

Custom logos will not replace the actual system image files and can be turned on and off through Winterboard. Unlike apps like "Make it mine" which replaces system files, this customization is easily restored by unchecking the theme in Winterboard or by restoring your iPhone. This method does not make any permanent changes to your iPhone.

  • Before we get started you will need to SSH into your phone and have Winterboard installed. SBSettings and iFile are greatly recommended but not absolutely necessary.

Creating Your Theme

  • Go to: /private/var/stash/Themes

  • Create a Folder labeled "Carrier Logo.theme"

  • Inside that folder, create a folder labeled "Bundles"

  • Inside that folder, create a folder labeled ""  [Your logos will be put into this folder which will direct winterboard to skin them accordingly.]

Creating your Logo

  • You will be creating 1 logo. 2 versions: one will be against a dark background, and one will be against a white background.

You can create two different logos for the different backgrounds, but I will be creating just one for this tutorial. Also a similar method can be used for skinning the M-cell logo as well.

  • For the iPhone 4: Your logo should be 73px x 40px and be named Default(underscore)CARRIER(underscore)ATT@2x.png & FSO(underscore)CARRIER(underscore)ATT@2x.png
  • For the iPhone 2G, 3G, & 3GS: Your logo should be 73px x 20px and be named Default(underscore)CARRIER(underscore)ATT.png & FSO(underscore)CARRIER(underscore)ATT.png


p style="padding-left: 20px;">*These are case sensitive so make sure the files are named exactly as above.

You can use any picture or text as long as it is the right size. If using text make sure that your background is transparent and that your file is a png not a jpg.

Using Winterboard to Implement Theme

  • Open Winterboard and make sure the Carrier Logo Theme is checked and above any other theme, as themes will override each other depending on which theme is listed above the other.
  • Click the winterboard tab above and the click respring. After the respring your logo should now be changed. To go back to stock, simply uncheck the theme.

I hope you found this tutorial helpful and remember to have fun!

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