Nintendo announces 'final major update' for Super Mario Maker 2, including World Maker Mode (finally)

Super Mario Maker 2 World Map
Super Mario Maker 2 World Map (Image credit: Nintendo)

What you need to know

  • The biggest addition in this latest update is World Maker mode, which lets you link your courses together on an over world.
  • The update also adds the Koopalings and new parts and power-ups.
  • The "last major update" will hit Switches on April 22.

Nintendo announced the "last major update" to Super Mario Maker 2 Monday night, and for fans of the game, this'll certainly be major when it hits consoles April 22.

The biggest announcement here is the New World Maker mode, which allows players to connect their courses via a world map. So yes, not only can you build your own course but you can build your own Super Mario Bros. game. You can even put in bonus stages and warp pipes. So if you wanted to your favorite game from start to finish, you theoretically could (without getting the monetary benefits, of course).

In addition, the game add the Koopalings as a potential boss, along with new parts and power-ups, including SMB2 Mushroom (Super Mario Bros. 2 Mushroom because what else could it stand for?), which transforms the characters into their Super Mario Bros. 2 versions. It's not just a skin either — it allows characters to pick up and throw items and enemies. Here's a more comprehensive list, according to the announcement video, which you can watch above.


  • SMB2 Mushroom - You can ride enemies and throw them at will, including Chain Chomps.
  • Frog suit - This turns you into Frog Mario. It lets you swim through water and run across water.
  • Power Balloon - Does what it says on the tin.
  • Super Acorn - This turns you into Flying Squirrel Mario.
  • Boomerang Flower - Take out enemies in one throw with a boomerang.
  • Cannon Box - Shoot cannon balls with your face
  • Propeller Box- Allows you to float three times higher than normal.
  • Red Pow Box - Unleash a pow. It's good for three uses.
  • Goomba Mask- Become a goomba and fool your enemies.
  • Bullet Bill Mask - Gives you the power of horizontal flight for a short period of time.

New parts

  • Cursed key - Activates a phantom that can chase your enemies.
  • On/off trapoline - Does what is advertised, although your uses can be a bit more creative than you think.
  • Mechakoopa - Allows you to create wind-up automatons with special abilities.
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