Nintendo isn't making a Switch Joy-Con with a D-Pad, but you can have one right now anyway

Nintendo Switch Lite turquoise
Nintendo Switch Lite turquoise (Image credit: Nintendo)

Nintendo announced the Nintendo Switch Lite today, and among many of the new features that people spotted, one of the most noticeable was the inclusion of a regular D-Pad as opposed to four separate directional buttons on a normal Nintendo Switch Joy-Con. This got people wondering if Nintendo would finally release a separate Joy-Con with a D-Pad, but it turns out that wasn't meant to be as the company announced that it had "no plans" to release an updated Joy-Con.

That doesn't mean you're out of luck, though. Accessories manufacturer HORI already sells an officially licensed left Joy-Con with a D-Pad. It maintains nearly all of the same functionality as a Nintendo Joy-Con except it can only be used in portable/handheld mode. It will not work as a wireless controller. You can pick up either a Mario or Zelda-themed Joy-Con with a D-Pad.

Considering that a lot of people tend to play titles in handheld mode anyway, there isn't too much of a drawback for using the HORI Joy-Con. If you do want to play with the Joy-Cons detached, however, you'll need to use another controller.

Jennifer Locke

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