Nintendo Switch finally gets Bluetooth audio support with latest update

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What you need to know

  • In its latest Switch update, Nintendo finally added the ability to use Bluetooth audio output.
  • The update supports output like headphones and speakers, but not mics for voice chat.
  • Version 13.0.0 also made it easier to update your Switch dock and added a setting for keeping your Switch connected to the internet while in Sleep Mode.

It feels like it's been 84 years (per the Titanic meme), but in its most recent update, Nintendo has finally added Bluetooth audio support to the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo highlighted the change in a tweet Wednesday evening, adding that the update includes the ability to use Bluetooth for audio output, not input. So you can use your headphones to play Pokémon games, but you can't use a mic for voice chat.

The change comes as a part of Version 13.0.0, which gives more detail on how you can use Bluetooth. The changelog, which you can read in full on Nintendo's website, notes that up to two compatible wireless controllers can be used if you're also using Bluetooth headphones. You also can't use Bluetooth audio while local wireless communication is active. This means if you're playing Mario Kart with somebody in the room with you, for example, and you're not connected via the internet, you can't use Bluetooth audio.

Previously, you could only use wired headphones through the headphone jack on the Switch or Switch Lite, or you could use a Bluetooth adapter. We don't know if there are any restrictions on what Bluetooth headphones you can use, but we can assume as long as your headphones use the latest or more recent Bluetooth standards, it works.

The update also adds a few other features. including an easier way to update the dock, and a new setting that allows you to keep your Switch connected to the internet while in Sleep Mode. The latter has been a feature for a while on other consoles like the PlayStation 5, and allows the user to download games and updates while the Switch is asleep. The method to callibrate control sticks has also been changed.

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