Switch Pro Rumor: Nintendo Switch upgrade will make use of a new Nvidia chip

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What you need to know

  • An upcoming Nintendo Switch upgrade will make use of a new Nvidia chip, Bloomberg reports..
  • The new Switch will make use of DLSS to produce a 4k picture while docked.
  • Analysts predict that the new Switch will be priced between $350 and $400.

Nintendo is planning to utilize a new Nvidia chip with better graphics and processing power in the Nintendo Switch upgrade coming later this year, according to a report by Bloomberg.com.

The new Switch will make use of Nvidia's Deep Learning Super Sampling, or DLSS, the rendering technology that uses artificial intelligence to deliver higher-fidelity graphics more efficiently. This will allow the console to produce game visuals at 4K quality when in docked mode.

In addition, the new Nvidia chip will also bring a better CPU and increased memory. DLSS will be utilized in new, upcoming Switch titles, and is unlikely to be used in already released titles as it would require new code to do so.

Analysts also expect the price of the new Nintendo Switch to land somewhere between $350 to $400, an increase from the $300 dollar price point of the normal Nintendo Switch.

This isn't the first bit of Switch Pro news we've heard. Earlier this month, Bloomberg reported that the New Nintendo Switch will use 7-inch, 720p OLED panels. That would mean the new Switch would have a larger display that would potentially consume less battery.

As expected, neither Nintendo nor Nvidia have commented on the report. Just recently, Nintendo announced a partnership with Niantic to develop new augmented reality games starring their familiar roster of popular characters. The first product of their collaboration will feature Pikmin and should arrive later this year.

The Nintendo Switch has continued to be a best-seller throughout 2020, despite the release of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Nintendo has still not outlined much of their 2021 lineup, so they might be saving some big, marquee titles to launch alongside the new system.

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