Ginger Labs has released Notability for Mac. The app allows you to take notes in a variety of ways, and syncs with the iOS apps via iCloud. Notability has been optimized for Mac, and includes functionality like keyboard shortcuts, drag and drop, and more.

Notability is a very flexible note taker. You can of course type notes, but also make audio recordings, annotate documents, and even write by hand. On the Mac, you can also drag and drop photos, outside audio recordings, and documents into your note. Scale and transform handwriting and sketches like you would images, rotating, cropping, and more.

In addition to syncing with iCloud, you can backup your notes using other service. Notability supports automatic backup to both Dropbox and Google Drive, so you never have to worry about your notes.

Notability is available in the Mac App Store for $9.99 right now.

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