O2 UK customers to lose free BT WiFi hotspot access from July 1

O2 UK's four-year long partnership to allow their customers free BT WiFi hotspot access is to come to an end on July 1. A message on O2's official website says that following this date the carrier will be transitioning across to their own nationwide WiFi offering.

O2 states they have 8,000 hotspots spread across the UK, though this is far from the reach that BT offers through their Openzone hotspot offering. After July 1 O2 customers will be required to pay in order to use BT WiFi hotspots, though customers on rival network EE will still be able to connect for free. Alternatively, if you're a BT Broadband customer, you'll be able to take advantage by using those account credentials instead.

Since O2 was the original launch partner in the UK for the iPhone, there's likely a sizeable number of customers who will be affected by this change. How do you feel about it? Is the BT WiFi something you've been using a lot of over the years?

via Android Central

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