Ohai uses ADN to let you journal all the places you go

Ohai is a new, app.net-based app by former Pocket developer Steve Streza that leverages their infrastructure, like their licensed places database and their file storage API for photos, to let you keep a geo-located journal of all the places you go, things you see, and feelings you have. Here's how Streza describes it on Ohaiapp.net:

Ohai is your journal for keeping track of where you've been and what you've done. Flip back in time with a beautiful digital book of your memories. Places and photos you save are stored safely on your App.net account, and can be shared to App.net and Twitter.

Tying Ohai to app.net makes it dependent on app.net, of course, but it also means that any other app that ties into app.net can access the data in Ohai. Your content in Ohai is your content in app.net, after all. Streza has also taken it a step further, making it easy for apps to add to or take from Ohai, enabling not only complimentary services to be created, but out and out competitors, and similar or identical versions for other platforms. For users, that means if anything ever happens to Ohai, they can still get to their stuff. For Streza, it means he'll have to work hard to keep his app relevant.

That's an incredibly optimistic, incredibly generous model and I hope it's successful, financially and karmically for him.

The one drawback is, of course, you need a paid app.net account, or a free, limited account (if you haven't been invited to a free account, you can get one via the ADN Passport app. That reduces the size of Ohai's potential user base, though the more high quality apps like this that get released, the greater that audience will likely grow.

I've been testing Ohai for a few days and it's working brilliantly. Does just what it says on the tin, and does it well. If you want a personal journal, one that knows where you are and lets you record what you're seeing and doing without making it onerous or getting in your way, give it a shot.

Steve was also kind enough to join us for an episode of the Iterate podcast, where he discussed Ohai, app.net, and a many other things as well. Give it a listen.

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