Owners of the older Nike Fuelband will get some new features come November 6

Nike is preparing to drop the updated Fuelband SE on November 6, and according to a new report owners of the older model will be able to enjoy some of the new features from the SE. Stuart Miles at Pocket-Lint:

Nike has confirmed that the older Fuelband will get the new better algorithms, and double tap to tell the time, as well as sessions support via the app rather than the band.Sessions let users see how much Fuel they are getting per minute to better help them understand what activities work best.

Sadly, due to the lack of Bluetooth LE in the older model, some features won't be available such as the new hourly alerts encouraging you to be more active. When the firmware update is available, a simple download and install by plugging your Fuelband into your computer is all that should be required.

So, does the promise of new features make you want to keep your existing Fuelband, or will you be jumping on the new one?

Source: Pocket-Lint

Richard Devine

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