When last I left Palm they had but the Centro and some HTC Windows Mobile device to offer, now webOS and the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi's inform Week 6 of the 2009 Smartphone Round Robin. Talk about night and day. Lucky I have the daywalker himself, our illustrious editor-in-chief and PreCentral.net's own Dieter Bohn to show me how the brand new generation of Palm devices work. And works well.

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This week also brings mobile powerhouse Matt Miller of Nokia Experts to TiPb's own iPhone. He's on the TiPb iPhone Forums and needs your help! Give him a hand and get a chance to win an iPhone 3GS for your troubles!

Video hands-on with Palm Pre and Palm Pixi, after the break!

(And if you're confused by the intro to this year's video, you really need to go watch last year's Treo Pro video NOW!)

UPDATE: since Palm released the Palm Pre Plus and the Palm Pixi Plus at CES 2010, CrackBerry Kevin and I hit up Palm and got Dieter to give us an updated look at the new hardware. (Which is a bit of a cheat, really, since they're not waiting for Apple's Jan. 27 event to do their iPhone reviews!)