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Partu Air Purifier Review: Colorfully clean air

Partu Air Purifier Hero
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Our Verdict

Bottom Line: The Partu Air Purifier is best for small rooms up to 160 square feet or less. It uses a four-stage filtration system that removes pollen, mold, pet dander, cigarette smoke, pet odors, cooking odors, and neutralizes pollutants without harming the environment in the process. My favorite feature is the seven-color sweeping nightlight that has the option to be fixed on one color according to whatever mood you're trying to create at the time.


  • Easy to operate + user friendly
  • Four-stage filtration system
  • Three fan speeds
  • Seven-color sweeping light


  • Only suitable for small rooms (160 sq ft or less)
  • Nightlight colors are obstructed and very soft
  • Unit arrived squished

Breathing clean air is essential, especially in your own home. That's why an air purifier is an excellent choice for anyone that wants to breathe cleaner air, suffers from allergies, asthma, has pets, smokes or lives with someone that does, or lives in an area with higher air pollution. I have a cat, a dog, and a one-year-old, so the integrity of the air we breathe at home is critical to me. I had the opportunity to try the Partu Air Purifier (opens in new tab) and found it to be a good air purifier for small rooms with a cool color sweeping light option.

Partu Air Purifier Features

Partu Air Purifier

Partu Air Purifier (Image credit: iMore)

This air purifier features a four-stage filtration system. The pre-filter captures hair and pet fur, the HEPA filter removes pollen, mold, and pet dander, the activated carbon filter removes cigarette smoke and pet and cooking odors, and the anion button creates negative ions which cause floating particulates (dust, pet dander, allergens) in the air to cling together and drop to the floor. This filter is a CADR approved HEPA filter and has proven itself effective at capturing 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns.

The motor operates at three speeds and features an ultra-quiet sleep mode so you can breathe clean while getting some shuteye. This filter is most effective in small rooms that are 160 square feet or less. It has a cool nightlight that can be set to seven sweeping colors or be fixed on one color to match your mood at the time.

User friendly + easy to operate What I loved

Partu Air Purifier

Partu Air Purifier (Image credit: iMore)

First off, this air purifier is very user friendly, easy to operate, and comes with a clear instruction manual that articulates everything you need to know to set it up and make it work. Most importantly, you have to remove the plastic encasing the filter before you turn it on. To do that, you simply flip it over, twist off the bottom, remove the plastic, stick the filter back in, and screw the bottom back on. Easy peasy, and you're ready to rock.

This filter has six straightforward buttons on the face of the machine.

You've got your simple on/off button, light button, anion button (I don't really know why you wouldn't want to keep this button on all of the time, but maybe that's just me), your filter button that will illuminate when it's time to check the filter, and your fan speed button.

Let's circle back to the anion button because I wasn't exactly clear on what anion mode was, so I did a little research, and this is what I found. When you turn the anion button on, this machine will release six million anions per second into the air. What does that mean, you ask? Well, anion mode creates negative ions, which cause floating particulates such as dust, pet dander, and allergens in the air to cling together and drop to the floor. I'm thinking ok, great, these particulates are not floating through the air, so I'm not breathing them in, but I don't necessarily want them on the floor either. I guess vacuuming regularly is the solution to keeping these little particulates completely out of my home.

Four-stage filtration system

Partu Air Purifier

Partu Air Purifier (Image credit: iMore)

I love that this air purifier uses a four-stage filtration system.

The other air purifiers I'm familiar with use a three-stage filtration system. The new filtering addition in the Partu being anion mode. This filter comes with a pre-filter, certified HEPA filter, activated carbon filter, and anion mode to rid the air you breathe of harmful pollutants, allergens, pet dander, and odors.

It runs at three fan speeds that are all reasonably quiet, in my opinion. I put this purifier in my baby's room who appreciates a little white noise while she sleeps. I always keep it on level two or three even when she's sleeping, but level one is considered sleep mode and is extremely quiet. If you're super sensitive to sound, this is the mode for you.

Seven color sweeping nightlight

Partu Air Purifier Purple Light

Partu Air Purifier Purple Light (Image credit: iMore)

My favorite feature on this air purifier is the color-sweeping nightlight.

I'm a huge fan of lights and color, and as I mentioned before, I use this air purifier in my baby's room, who loves the changing colors as well. You also have the option of fixing the light on one color to match your ever-changing moods. You've got seven colors to choose from and can achieve any vibe you're going for.

My one complaint is that I wish the colors were more visible. They're only visible while looking at the front of the machine in complete darkness. In fact, when I first turned this on in the daytime, I thought the color sweep function was broken. You can clearly see the lights when you look at this machine from the side, but looking at it straight on, you can barely see them.

For small rooms only What could be better

Partu Air Purifier

Partu Air Purifier (Image credit: iMore)

I do wish that this machine had the capability of cleaning a larger area. It clearly states that it works best in rooms that are 160 square feet or less, which is small. I think the price tag is a little high for its square footage capability.

Arrived squished

Partu Air Purifier Filter

Partu Air Purifier Filter (Image credit: iMore)

When this unit arrived, the removable bottom piece was not screwed on properly. It was jammed into the bottom of the machine at an awkward angle and really squished the filter on one side. I was able to get the bottom off and remove the plastic from the filter, but it was really jammed in there, so this took some doing.

I hope the filter is still working at its max capacity even though it's squished on one side. I tried to straighten it out the best I could, but it really got smashed and wouldn't smooth out completely. I was also concerned that the removable bottom piece was broken, and I wouldn't be able to remove it and lock it back in place, but I was able to do so.

This definitely could have occurred in shipping, but I think it actually happened at the manufacturer because the box was not damaged at all, reflecting this kind of disturbance. It's frustrating to receive a brand new product that was obviously carelessly mishandled at one point.

Bottom line

Partu Air Purifier

Partu Air Purifier (Image credit: iMore)

This is a solid filter for small rooms and has the cool seven-color changing nightlight and anion mode. It gets the job done in the spaces it's designed for. I'd recommend this filter to anyone looking to purify the air in small rooms and/or want an air purifier with a cool nightlight feature.

The Partu Air Purifier has three fan speeds, a color-changing light that can be fixed to one color if desired, a four-stage filtration system, and is excellent at purifying the air in rooms that are 160 square feet or less.