Best Cases for AirPods Pro iMore 2020

If you're holding on to your brand new AirPods Pro right now and are already wondering about the best way you can protect the case from scuffs and scratches, a protective case is what you need. Whether you're looking for something soft and silicon, luxurious and leather, or rough and rugged, these are the best AirPods Pro cases on the market.

Durable heavy-duty protection: Spigen Rugged Armor Case

Staff favorite

If you want heavy-duty protection but with a more elegant style, then the Rugged Armor case is what you want. It has a carbon fiber design and is made of tough, durable plastic that will withstand pretty much anything you throw at it. The Rugged Armor also comes with a keyring for easier portability.

$17 at Amazon

Built tough: Spigen Tough Armor Case

If you need something more rugged, then Spigen's Tough Armor is all you need. This durable case will protect your AirPods Pro case from pretty much everything, whether you drop it from 10 floors up or something heavy drops on top of it — your AirPods are safe. It also comes with a keyring for easier portability.

$16 at Amazon

Classy and elegant: TwelveSouth AirSnap Pro

High quality elegance

The AirSnap Pro is a protective and durable leather case for your AirPods Pro. It comes with an S-clip to prevent loss, but you can easily remove it if you want to use a standard keychain instead. The AirSnap Pro also includes a carrying strap, so you have multiple ways to carry it. The leather itself is premium and will keep your AirPods Pro safe and secure.

Standout leather: V-MORO Genuine Leather Protective Cover

V-MORO's leather case is made with genuine leather, so there's no faux pas here. It comes in three colors: black, brown, and dark brown, and the browns are sure to develop a nice patina over time. The leather also provides full protection for your AirPods Pro charging case, keeping it safe from scuffs and scratches. It comes with a metal carabiner for easy carry.

From $15 at Amazon

Affordable leather: ESR Metro Light Leather Case

If you want a simple leather case that is also highly affordable, then the ESR Metro Light leather case is a good one. The faux-leather exterior has a pebble texture to it, so it's easy to hold on to your AirPods Pro, and it's protected from everyday scuffs. It comes with a keychain for easy carry and is compatible with wireless charging.

$14 at Amazon

Smooth protection: ESR Bounce Silicone Carrying Case

This soft silicone cover for your AirPods Pro case carries a slim profile but will protect your AirPods Pro from scratches, drops, and bumps. It has a snug fit and a small hole on the front so you can quickly see the charging LED indicator. It also has a free carabiner so you can clip it on to anything, anywhere, and comes in a bunch of colors.

From $4 at Amazon

Cute flair: ESR Bounce Carrying Case with Fur Pom-Pom Keychain

This soft silicone cover comes in a nice variety of pastel colors and will protect your AirPods Pro charging case from everyday bumps, drops, and scuffs. It also comes with a cute faux-fur pom-pom, dust plug to prevent dust from getting in the charging port, and a keychain attachment.

From $6 at Amazon

Clear protection: ESR Hybrid Translucent Cover

If you want something that just protects the case for your AirPods Pro without adding color, then the Hybrid case is what you want. It's made with a clear TPU material with a matte finish on the accents, so the original white shines through, but it's safe from scratches, bumps, and drops. It comes with a keychain.

$10 at Amazon

Fits like a glove: BGR Airpods Pro Case Cover

BGR offers this simple silicone cover, which snugly fits over your AirPods Pro charging case and keeps it safe from everyday scuffs and nicks. It comes in a variety of colors, so you're sure to find one perfect for you.

From $4 at Amazon

How kawaii!: ESR Bounce Carrying Case with Cute Animal Keychain

If you like the Bounce Carrying Case and want something to go with it besides a fuzzy pom-pom, then try the Cute Animal Keychain version. It comes in bright, fun colors and comes with an adorable animal keychain and hook. It'll protect your case while making others go, "awww!"

From $6 at Amazon

House of mouse: Disney Mickey and Minnie Silicone Case

Disney magic

Disney lovers will want to snag up this cute Mickey, or Minnie themed silicone case. It's made with soft silicone that is a joy to hold, and it even comes with a carrying strap with a ring, so it's impossible to lose your AirPods Pro. This case is sure to turn the heads of Disney lovers everywhere.

$8 at Amazon

Cute but practical: JuQBanke Soft Leather Designer Cover

This soft leather case features a cute and stylish designer look that is sure to appeal to fashionistas. It's made with genuine leather that looks and feels nice, providing extra grip to your AirPods Pro case. It comes with a gold keychain for easy carrying, and the color is a nice accent. It also has a leather fringe tassel to complete the 'designer' aesthetic.

From $8 at Amazon

A touch of luxury: KINGXBAR Luxury Series AirPods Pro Case

If you like a little bling on your accessories, this one is right up your alley. Sparkly crystals adorn this fun case, ensuring your AirPods Pro stand out from the crowd.

$16 at Amazon

Go for the cosmos: i-Blason Cosmo Series Case

The classic Cosmo design from i-Blason that has graced many generations of iPhone cases and other Apple Watch accessories is now available for your AirPods Pro. The Cosmo design is a marble pattern with a gorgeous mix of rose gold, pink, white, and gray. It's sure to give your AirPods Pro a bit of flair while keeping it safe from everyday wear and tear. There is also a carrying strap, so you never lose sight of your AirPods Pro.

Just a skin: Skinit AirPods Pro Skins

This isn't a case; rather, it's a skin designed to personalize your tech and keep it from scuffs. Choose from a huge variety of designs. You can find your favorite team logos, flags, geometric patterns, marble looks, and much more. The premium 3M vinyl is easy to apply and remove without residue.

Add some flair to your AirPods Pro

These are the best AirPods Pro cases that we have found so far. They'll keep your AirPods Pro charging case scuff-free, and most of them make it easier to carry. Plus, these have a relatively slim profile, so you'll barely notice them, and they should continue to work with wireless chargers without any issue.

If we may make some suggestions, we like the Spigen Rugged Armor. This one offers a ton of durability and protection for your AirPods Pro, without looking like something from an army base. We also like the TwelveSouth AirSnap Pro, because TwelveSouth has nothing but high-quality products, and this AirPods Pro case is no exception. This is premium full-grain leather, not the cheap stuff. And finally, we also recommend the KINGXBAR Luxury Series AirPods Pro Case, because it adds some blingy flair to your AirPods Pro without breaking the bank.

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