Best Cases for AirPods Pro iMore 2019

Did you just order some shiny new AirPods Pro and can't wait for them to arrive? We get you! But as you carry those AirPods Pro around, you'll want to keep that wireless charging case nice and scuff-free. That's why you should get a case to protect it, and here are some great options we've found.

A trusted brand: Spigen Silicone Fit Case

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Spigen's Silicone Fit case provides a snug and precise fit for your AirPods Pro. It gives you additional grip with the case, is wireless charging compatible, and will protect it from everyday nicks and scuffs. It comes with a keyring for portability.

$14 at Amazon

Built tough: Spigen Tough Armor Case

If you need something more rugged, then Spigen's Tough Armor is all you need. This durable case will protect your AirPods Pro case from pretty much everything, whether you drop it from 10 floors up or something heavy drops on top of it — your AirPods are safe. It also comes with a keyring for easier portability.

$17 at Amazon

Durable heavy-duty protection: Spigen Rugged Armor Case

If you want heavy-duty protection but with a more elegant style, then the Rugged Armor case is what you want. It has a carbon fiber design and is made of tough, durable plastic that will withstand pretty much anything you throw at it. The Rugged Armor also comes with a keyring for easier portability.

$17 at Amazon

Classy leather: ESR Metro Protective Leather Case

If silicone isn't your thing, then this faux-leather case may be. It features a tough PC interior and a faux-leather exterior that is soft to the touch. A hole on the front lets the LED charging light shine through, and it includes a free gold keyring that perfectly complements the black.

$14 at Amazon

Smooth protection: ESR Bounce Silicone Carrying Case

This soft silicone cover for your AirPods Pro case carries a slim profile but will protect your AirPods Pro from scratches, drops, and bumps. It has a snug fit and a small hole on the front so you can quickly see the charging LED indicator. It also has a free carabiner so you can clip it on to anything, anywhere, and comes in a few colors.

$9 at Amazon

Cute flair: ESR Bounce Carrying Case with Fur Pom-Pom Keychain

This soft silicone cover comes in a nice variety of pastel colors and will protect your AirPods Pro charging case from everyday bumps, drops, and scuffs. It also comes with a cute faux-fur pom-pom, dust plug to prevent dust from getting in the charging port, and a keychain attachment.

$11 at Amazon

Clear protection: ESR Hybrid Translucent Cover

If you want something that just protects the case for your AirPods Pro without adding color, then the Hybrid case is what you want. It's made with a clear TPU material with a matte finish on the accents, so the original white shines through, but it's safe from scratches, bumps, and drops. It comes with a keychain.

$13 at Amazon

Simplicity at its finest: ESR Air Ripple Clear Carrying Case

For those who prefer a completely clear case, then the Air Ripple is just that. The clear TPU has a ripple on the front that helps you get a good grip, so you won't be dropping it in the first place. The Air Ripple also comes with a metal carabiner for easy carry.

$12 at Amazon

Fits like a glove: ESR Breeze Plus Cover

Don't need a keychain? No problem! ESR offers the Breeze Plus silicone cover, which snugly fits over your AirPods Pro charging case and keeps it safe from everyday scuffs and nicks. It's ultra-slim, so you'll barely notice it is even on.

$9 at ESR

How kawaii!: ESR Bounce Carrying Case with Cute Animal Keychain

If you like the Bounce Carrying Case and want something to go with it besides a fuzzy pom-pom, then try the Cute Animal Keychain version. It comes in bright, fun colors and comes with an adorable animal keychain and hook. It'll protect your case while making others go, "awww!"

$12 at ESR

Add some flair to your AirPods Pro

These are the best AirPods Pro cases that we have found so far. They'll definitely keep your AirPods Pro charging case scuff-free, and most of them make it easier to carry. Plus, these have a relatively slim profile, so you'll barely notice them, and they should continue to work with wireless chargers without any issue.

If we may make some suggestions, we like the Spigen Silicone Fit Case. It's snug and provides the protection we've come to expect from Spigen. Plus, it comes with the keyring, making it even easier to carry them around on-the-go. Another great option is the Spigen Rugged Armor. This one offers more durability and protection for your AirPods Pro, without looking like something from an army base. But if you require the toughest of them all, then you can't go wrong with the Spigen Tough Armor. It doesn't look the most elegant, but it definitely handles like a tank and will withstand anything you manage to throw at it.

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