If you ever work on projects or presentations as part of a group, the newest app by FiftyThree aims to make your experience effortless, mobile-friendly, and absolutely gorgeous. Paste by FiftyThree (henceforth referred to as Paste) is a work collaboration app that allows you to create slides and share them with your team via Slack messenger, all in a matter of seconds.

How it works

Paste lets you organize your photos, videos, GIFs, notes, titles, and more into what the app calls "decks". Think of decks as a presentation that's made up of different slides that you can add, delete, and move around at your leisure.

Paste is incredibly straightforward and takes practically no time to learn how to use, which is fantastic for teams that are looking for a project sharing platform that isn't complicated. I downloaded the app, creating a new deck, edited several slides, and shared it to my team on Slack in minutes. You can think of Paste as a simpler and more streamlined version of Keynote that specifically integrates with Slack to maximize team collaboration.

Team communication

On top of being able to share your decks with your team members on Slack, the team can also interact with various slides.

Team members can leave reactions — like a thumbs-up or clap — leave comments, and even mark slides as done so the entire team can see.

Easy Formatting

One of the best features of Paste is its ability format everything for you.

If you want to add a GIF, video, article, or image from somewhere on the web, you just need to add the link and the app takes care of the rest. Of course, you can also give Paste access to your camera roll so you can import videos directly! It's simple, fast, and automatic, which means your team can work both faster and smarter.

Productivity done simply

Paste by FiftyThree has a simple UI and a super gorgeous and clean design that makes team collaboration feel effortless. If you work on a lot of team projects and already have a Slack room, I highly suggest checking out Paste for iPhone and iPad. If you really like it, you can also get it for your Mac!

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