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Maybe you've heard, we now have an official section for the Phone different Native App Watch. We are keeping track of all the developers who are talking about creating software for the iPhone with the new SDK. We are going to keep it updated with the latest news as it arrives and adding (we hope never subtracting, but it's possible) new companies as they pop up.

Know of a software company or piece of software that's not on our handy-dandy table? Do tell!

This plus the App Wait-a-Thon means that if you want to slake your thirst for native app news in the run up to the June release, Phone different is the place to be. We'll have another batch of Wait-a-Thon posts coming up this week, of course, giving you more chances to win a $100 iTunes Gift Card. In the meantime, congrats to last week's winner, AnteL0pe!