Every week I will be bringing you what I think are the week’s biggest stories and articles. Here we go!

Adobe Flash for iPhone

Would Adobe just make it for our beloved already? We started off the week with Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen hopes Apple's newly released SDK will help Adobe deliver that middle ground, with or without Jobs' blessing. The world was ecstatic, could this really be?

… Well, not so fast, a few days later there was a, um, clarification.

Can’t we all just get along, join hands, sing Kumbaya and make Flash happen?

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No Multitasking

Some want it, others don’t, but regardless of what side you are on, multitasking is not coming in this release of the iPhone 2.0 firmware this June. There was some hope that there might have been a “cheat” with the AIM software demo, but alas, it isn’t true…

Hands-on with 2.0

Firmware 2.0 that is, or is it 1.2? Or 1.2 of 2.0? I am confused. Our man Ryan Block has some great shots up and unveiled some new functionality such as more in-depth info on parental controls and Cisco VPN… but alas, no Spotlight, Contact search or Tasks in the calendar… heck, this version of the firmware even comes with a “dummy” calendar button. What up with that Apple?

Where Did That Rabbit Go?

Brian Hart gave us a great “roadmap” of how a PDA user turned PDA/Smartphone addict turned iPhone user made his way down the path that would forever change his life. Okay, that might be a little melodramatic, but this article is a great read (Brian has even made several of the same choices as I have when finally arriving at the iPhone: Palm Treo 650→ to Treo 680→ to iPhone, It is a natural progression…)

Reviews and more Reviews

We also had two great reviews this week. First out of the gate was yours truly with a review of Pimp My News (PMN). This web app gave me quite a surprise, and you might even like it! Don’t let the name fool you…

Next was Casey Chan with a review of the Seidio Inno case for iPhone. This looks like a slick case for anyone looking for a non-intrusive case for the iPhone with a nice rubberized grip, you can’t go wrong with this case! Read Casey’s review for more…