Iphone 12 Pro Portrait By LarrowSource: Aundre Larrow / PetaPixel

What you need to know

  • Apple's iPhone 12 Pro has some camera improvements to boast about.
  • Photographer Aundre Larrow has taken some great portrait photos to test the new cameras.
  • To the untrained eye, these photos look pretty great.

Apple's new iPhone 12 Pro will be available to buy in just two days and the hype train is in full flow right now. As ever, the cameras in the new iPhone are getting a ton of attention because of the changes Apple has made. But what happens when you put an iPhone 12 Pro in the hands of a professional? You get stunning portrait images.

Photographer Aundre Larrow took an iPhone 12 Pro to capture "friends and family that have spent most of 2020 quarantined together" and the results speak for themselves.

Larrow did capture something that a lot of us have been saying for years, though – phone cameras are great right now and they have been for years. You probably aren't going to see huge game-changing improvements anymore.

"I think that all technology companies, and especially Apple, have this issue: as you get marginally better with things it can be really hard to make them seem exciting," Larrow said, speaking of the iPhone 12 Pro.

But, importantly, Larrow goes on to say that he sometimes chooses an iPhone over a dedicated camera. The fact that's possible is still amazing to me, but to hear a photographer say it just drives the point home.

"There are times when I'll use this over my dedicated camera, like in a pinch, and it's nice to know that it'll do what I want," he explained. He made sure to note he is a fan of the new physical design.

Iphone 12 Pro Portrait By LarrowSource: Aundre Larrow / PetaPixel

Finally, Larrow has a word to say about the industrial design this time around, confirming that iPhone 12 Pro is easier to hold. It's almost worth upgrading for that alone!

"It's a little larger and easier to grip, which makes it easier to hold and heft. It's weird saying 'hefty' because it's lighter, but you know what I mean," he laughed. "The sides are something like a millimeter thicker but you really can feel it."

Iphone 12 Pro Portrait By LarrowSource: Aundre Larrow / PetaPixel

You can see more images and read about the portrait project over on PetaPixel right now.