Iphone 12 Pro Austin ManSource: Austin Mann

What you need to know

  • Photographer Austin Mann has published the results of his iPhone 12 testing.
  • He took an iPhone 12 Pro to Glacier National Park in Montana.
  • The results are breathtaking.

Every year photographer Austin Mann takes the latest iPhone somewhere photogenic and and creates magic. He's been at it again, this time taking an iPhone 12 Pro to Glacier National Park in Montana. And ever, the photos he brought back are breathtaking.

I very much recommend checking out the full blog post that goes into detail about how the photos were taken and with what settings. It's a great read, even if the most complicated photos you take is of a child trying to fill its face with birthday cake.

An example of Mann's findings comes courtesy of the added Dark Mode support for the ultra wide sensor.

Below is a 30-second exposure shot on a tripod with nearly no visible light. For context, I couldn't see the blue or green colors with my naked eye, so I found this shot to a great demonstration of how Night mode and the new Wide lens work together. Notice the cloud movement over the 30-second exposure.

And the image?

Austin Mann Iphone 12 Pro Ultra Wide Dark ModeSource: Austin Mann

Amazing stuff and perhaps a reason to upgrade to iPhone 12 Pro alone.

Just like last year, when I first compared non-Night mode shots to Night mode shots, the results are not even in the same league. What software is doing with Night mode is truly a night and day difference. In one test, I found the Ultra Wide with Night mode on the iPhone 12 Pro captured a beautiful image where the Ultra Wide without Night mode on the iPhone 11 Pro rendered a mostly black frame full of noise.

Again, go read the full post over on Mann's site for more examples of what these cameras can do.