Iphone 12 Pro Taking PictureSource: Apple

What you need to know

  • Aerial photographer Toby Harriman captured a video flying over San Francisco using an iPhone 12 Pro.
  • He took a helicopter and captured stills and video as he flew.
  • The result is a pretty stunning HDR video.

Apple's iPhone 12 Pro will go on sale in a matter of hours and some lucky people have already spent time with them. One of those is aerial photographer Toby Harriman and he spent that time very wisely indeed. There's a whole web page full of video and photos to prove it.

The arrival of iPhone 12 Pro marks the first handset that can record 4K HDR video and the results are already looking mightily impressive.

You can find all of the media over on Planet Unicorn along with some background on how this all came about.

Being an aerial photographer pretty much full time and having early access to the iPhone 12 Pro, made this project a no brainer. To an extent, I have overshot San Francisco in many ways, but I knew this would be a good chance to compare my new work to my previous work that was shot with various cameras and older iPhones.

So how did it all go down? What special apps were used to make something that looks so special? Turns out, just the standard Camera app.

I shot this film using the built-in HDR video mode with no 3rd party apps. Everything was shot in 4K 60fps or 4K 24fps. Edited in Adobe Premiere. Photos edited in Adobe Lightroom. Minimal adjustments.

That means, in theory at least, that any one of us would have been able to capture what we're seeing here. That's, honestly, pretty insane.

Again, go check out the full page with some amazing stills for you to check out. If my photos of my lunch look anything like these, my Instagram game is going to be on point this year!

You can get more info on the video and how it was created by watching this interview Rene Ritchie managed to get with the man himself. Again, this is well worth your time.