Pimp!t for iPhone review

Pimp!t is an app for creating wallpapers for your iPhone. It has a lot of a great backgrounds, shelves, and icon skins that can be mixed and matched to create something that reflects you. You can also browse through user-created templates for inspiration or to use.

When creating a wallpaper, there are three different categories: backdrops, shelves, and icon skins. To switch categories, just swipe up and down. Swiping left and right will switch between choices in the current category. The selection of backgrounds is really great and most are nice and simple without busy, distracting elements that clash with icons.

The user-created section is awesome for people who just want to find something completed and ready to use. What's really great about this part of the app is that you can scroll though a list of thumbnails. I can usually tell from a thumbnail if I'm not going to like it, so being able to skip those choices is convenient.

After creating your own wallpaper or finding a user-created one you want to use, just tap Pimp!t to save it to your Camera Roll. Pimp!t will also give you directions on how to set your saved photo as your wallpaper. You can also select a box to opt-in to share your design with other Pimp!t users.

The good

  • Great selection
  • Mix and match backgrounds, shelves, and icon skins
  • Browse through user creations

The bad

  • Can't mark favorites
  • No thumbnail view to see many options in a category at once. It would be nice to scroll though them all.

The bottom line

When I first learned about Pimp!t, I admittedly wasn't too excited about the idea because there are already so many other apps in the app store with similar functionality. But a big problem I have with many of those other apps is that I don't like their selections. With Pimp!t, I have a completely different problem -- the inability to decided between the many different wallpapers because I like so many of them. Because of this, I wish there was a way to mark a background as a favorite so that I could easily compare the ones I like most side-by-side.

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Leanna Lofte

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