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Best answer: Yes. While the Casual Controls option doesn't make Pokémon Sword and Shield easier, it does make the game more accessible for those who can't use both hands to play. Casual Controls mode disables the right analog stick that controls the camera, and the view will adjust automatically toward wherever you are running. Also, it's an easy feature to disable if you want more control.

Casual catchin'

Pokémon Sword and Shield are here, finally! While there has been a bit of controversy surrounding them when it comes to the Pokédex and living up to the hype, the games have taken steps toward making gameplay more accessible. Casual Controls mode is a new menu option that can make playing easier. No, the game itself doesn't magically drop in difficulty, but those who have trouble using both hands to play the game can use this setting.

Enabling Casual Controls disables the right analog stick used to control the camera, especially in the Wild Area. With this mode on, the camera will automatically follow you, rotating to wherever your character is running. This mode is excellent for anyone who wants to play with a single Joy-con, has a physical disability, or is a fan of multitasking. Want to catch Pokémon and vacuum? You absolutely can! Casual Controls also works with your Pro Controller. While it's a small change, it can make a huge difference.

Cons of casual

While the Casual Controls option certainly makes playing with one hand easier, it does have a few drawbacks. By turning this mode on, you lose the ability to use the D-pad to browse the menu. You can still access it using the D-pad, but you can't navigate with it like you can in the standard game mode. Also, another minor complaint is that the Casual Controls option will not let you rotate your character, which can be a pain if you are shopping for clothes.

The good news is that Casual Controls mode is pretty easy to toggle off and on. Just head into the settings menu, and you can adjust the mode as you like. So, if you want full control at times, and then you want to play while eating a sandwich, you have the freedom to do so.


Pokemon Sword

Pokémon Sword

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Play with one hand or two and adventure, discover and catch 'em all as you work your way through the Galar region battling anyone who crosses your path.


Pokemon Shield

Pokémon Shield

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Take your time and adventure through Galar while catching brand new Pokémon in this Gen 8 release. Whether you have one free hand or two, you can catch 'em all you want.

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