The Space Black Apple Watch with Space Black Milanese band is gorgeous

We're big fans of the Space Black Apple Watch casing here at iMore, so it was with no shortage of delight that we encountered a new color-matched Space Black Milanese Loop at the iPhone SE event last week.

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When Apple released the Watch in April 2015, it offered a Space Black watch casing as well as a rather expensive (and hard to find) Space Black Link Bracelet that, at $549 alone, was out of reach for many people. The Link Bracelet came with its own challenges, too: it was heavy, and not suited for all outings. And while Apple provided easy link removal without the need for tools, getting the right fit still required work.

Given that the Space Black case and bracelet combo started at a hefty $1049, many customers created their own variations, using either the black Leather Loop (which wasn't quite color-matched) or the black Sport Band, which lacked the high-quality finish of leather or metal.

A delay worth accepting

While Apple likely had plans to release a Space Black Milanese Loop in September alongside a bevy of new bands and hues, production delays reportedly associated with the coloring process kept it until this past March event.

The Space Black Milanese Loop, at $199, is $50 more than its silver counterpart (a premium also issued to the Space Black Apple Watch itself), but is worth the extra price to achieve that unique look.

Tiny metal links woven together on "specialized Italian machines," according to Apple, the magnetic clasp allows for easy adjusting, though its lack of a buckle does allow the band to loosen slightly over the course of a day; I find myself having to adjust it every couple of hours to keep it tight.

The whole package

At $699 and $749 for the 38mm and 42mm versions, respectively, the Space Black Apple Watch Milanese Combo is fashionable, understated and unique. We'll have a full review of all the new Apple Watch bands coming soon, so stay tuned! And if you have any questions about the Apple Watch or any of the new bands, let us know in the comments below.

Daniel Bader

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