Quick Review: Qik VideoCamera Video Recording for iPhone 3G

Qik Video Camera for the iPhone, from Qik [$0.99 - iTunes Link (opens in new tab)] finally brings 15 frames per second video recording to the iPhone 3G. It also supports zoom, has some fun filters, and adds an easy system for sending your videos via e mail.

For the complete rundown, and pictures of Qik VideoCamera's effects, stay with us after the break.

As mentioned above, Qik VideoCamera lets the iPhone 3G shoot video at 15 frames per second (FPS) but that's only when using the default size. It's basically a trade off. Qik gives you the option of having low video resolution (200x152) and high FPS or high video resolution (400x304) and lower FPS. I usually go for the low video resolution and higher FPS because if the frames are too few the video is too choppy to appreciate.

Qik options

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Qik video has some really fun special effect filters to play with. Like with video quality, however, when you start using a special effect filter the frame rate slows down. Here are some examples of how they look.

Qik options 2

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Black and White.

Qik bw

(opens in new tab)

Black white and red, which makes any red object show in color and everything else in black and white. While interesting, aside from the novelty I don't see many real life applications.

Qik b w red 2

(opens in new tab)

As requested here is some video taken using the black, white and red effect with a resolution of 200x152.

Color game, which inverses blue and red (I call it the Avatar effect!)

Qik blue

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There are two mirror effects, both vertical and horizontal. These are good for making object suddenly disappear. It can be a lot of fun for the little ones to play with, if you would trust your little one with an iPhone.

Qik Vertical

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Zoom is another nice feature, though I have found that for shooting anything very close it can cause blurring.

Qik zoom

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One of the other useful additions to this application is the audio and light enhancing controls. Since the iPhone has no external lighting source (plz 4.0!) the addition of brightness control can make those precious moments easier to see in low light settings. The audio boost helps increase the audio track but I usually don't realize that something is going to be too soft until the event has already occurred.

qik camera

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Qik VideoCamera also allows you to email your videos easily, by choosing which video to email and typing in the email address. The program is also linked to your contacts so you dont have to worry if you have forgotten the address.

Qik email

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All in all, Qik VideoCamera is a very nice app and has a lot of useful and fun effects for saving your life's special moments. It's not the same resolution or frame rate as the iPhone 3GS' built-in video recorder, but for iPhone 3G users who didn't get that feature, it's currently the next best thing.

Here is some video without any effects, taken with a resolution of 400x304.

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  • How does this compare to iVideoCamera? That one has been my go-to video recorder for my 3G.
  • Love this app, although pointless but cool effects, framerate is the best around for 3Gers, but I don't use it as much as I would like! The app says that facebook sharing was coming "next week", but two weeks on, I have yet to see it! YouTube upload would be great also and maybe some editing features...maybe I'm asking too much but would happily pay more than the 99c asking price.
  • If I have the qik free version, does everything transfer over like my past videos?
  • Both good, frame rate is better on Qik(15fps), cooler effects, zoom, audio boost etc but can only email videos at the moment.
    iVCam(10fps) can upload to afew sites, such as YouTube but facebook upload has a bug, rendering it useless! Both great apps for the price with updates coming!
  • Emailed my self a video to my windows machine and damn near broke my neck. Silly Windows Media player played them sideways as did VLC.
    Only QuickTime played them properly.
    What's up with that?
  • The other thing I don't understand is how this Review missed the fact that Qik has a build in web-server so that you can off-load your Videos by just pointing your web-browser at the IP address it displays.
  • While this seems superficially somewhat informative, it seems rather silly to have a full review of a video recording app, complete with screenshots, that doesn't include a video recorded using said app.
  • Nice interface and easy to use. Yeah, not as neat as I've seen on 3gs iPhones but it fills the gap for my 3g. It's simple apps like this that have kept me from dropping big $$$ on a new 3gs.
  • Has anyone done a comparison of the video quality between Qik and Cycorder?
    I have the version Qik released for jailbroken iPhone 3G and used to use that all the time. Then I switched to Cycorder because the video quality was quite a lot better. (But, the file sizes are huge. And, I liked the ability to upload the videos to Qik and then easily share to Facebook.)
    I'm just wondering if this $.99 version of Qik is better quality than the version they released for jailbroken iPhones long ago.
  • Cycorder seems to have better image quality, unfortunately...
  • @ Will Entreki Good point! I have added some videos.
    @ Director yes I used to use Cycorder and I like the video quality of Cycorder but the lack of e mail and the size of files has left me with Qik as my main video format.
  • Georgia: Sweet! Thank you. Those really do a lot to demonstrate what you'd already been saying. Very useful.
    You guys bring up a great Cycorder point: it desperately needs a better way to get it off the damn phone.
  • "As mentioned above, Qik VideoCamera lets the iPhone 3GS shoot video at 15 frames per second (FPS)"
    You mean 3G
  • how long does it usually take for a qik video to uplaod to my youtube account? I clicked "upload to youtube" but my videos still arent there.
  • So they "Shay" right above me wouldn't happen to be Shay Carl would it? Lol.
  • The*
  • I did a video of my father using this app prior to his death and he has messages for all of the family which I want to show at the funeral. The app doesn't start at all at the moment, it doesn't even want to boot up - does anyone have any suggestions as to how to get it to work. It is very important to me that I am able to get it functioning. Thank you :) Paul
  • @Paul
    I had the same problem before with other apps. Did you update your OS? I had problems right after updating my OS. It's either you update your app or downgrade.