Quickoffice Mobile Suite for iPhone First Impressions

Yesterday we posted that Quickoffice Mobile Suite was (finally!) available in the iTunes App Store. Well, our good friend Matt Miller from sibling site NokiaExperts went one step further and provided a great overview via his ZDNet column.

After a couple hours of usage, I have to say Quicksheet is quite good while Quickword needs a couple of immediate updates.

Why does Matt feel this way? Check out his complete post for details as well as a comprehensive image gallery and video.

Rene Ritchie

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  • There is one thing that has been overlooked by everybody. You can view but not create or edit MS Office 2007 (Word & Excel). And I am not going to waste my time doing a save-as in a different format and create two different files. That alone makes Quickoffice worthless.
  • This company has some serious ethics issues. Read the
    Quicksheet reviews in iTunes. I was one who purchased
    MobileFiles Pro that soon became Quicksheet. Quickoffice
    advertised MobileFiles Pro as the application that would have
    all of the features of what is now Quickoffice. So those early
    adopters got the shaft...
    I, like many others, have gotten screwed and will be purchasing Doc to Go.