Rapala Fishing Pro Series vs. Bass Pro Shops: The Strike Championship Edition: Which should you buy for Nintendo Switch?

Both of these games are fun if you want to go fishing… without actually going fishing. While it's more expensive, Bass Pro Shops the Strike Championship Edition is the better option since it offers more game modes, replicas of famous North American fishing spots and — for Switch owners at least — a fishing rod controller.

Something's fishy

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Header Cell - Column 0 Rapala Fishing Pro SeriesBass Pro Shops The Strike Championship Edition
Fishing controllerNoYes, for an extra $10
Career ModeYesYes
Daily challengesYesNo
Weekly challengesYesNo
Tournament ModeNoYes
How many fish species1711

Both of these games would be fun to play, but Bass Pro Shops The Strike Championship Edition is the winner if you're only going to get one fishing game. You have more game modes to choose from, including a quick start, career mode and tournament. You also get simple arcade games like racing boats and casting competitions. There are less varieties of fish, but more fishing locations are available in the game.

Both games let you use the Joy-Cons to cast your line, but Bass Pro Shops takes it to a whole new level. The deluxe edition of The Strike Championship Edition includes a fishing-rod shaped holder for your Joy-Cons, so it feels that much more like actual fishing. That bundle costs $10 more than the base model of the game, but it's well worth it if you want to do a lot of virtual fishing.

Tom Westrick