Razer's new iPhone 11 Arctech cases will cool your phone while you game

What you need to know

  • Razer unveiled its new iPhone 11 accessories today.
  • Its new Arctech cases use a Thermaphene layer to keep the phone cool while gaming.
  • It also has a new tempered glass screen protector that will keep users from eyestrain due to the blue light emitted from displays.

Razer is best known for making Windows laptops and gaming peripherals, though it is ready to change that narrative. It is getting into the case game with its new Arctech case for the new iPhone 11.

The new Arctech uses Razer's proprietary Thermaphene material which is a heat dissipating layer that will keep your iPhone cool whilst playing Pokémon Go or other intensive games. But this is only one of three layers the case is made out of. The second layer is a soft microfiber layer that cushions the phone and the last is a perforated polycarbonate exterior that will help protect the phone and dissipate heat.

Razer wants its cases to focus on keeping devices cool as people begin gaming more on their phones given the processing power that is now available on mobile.

The cases will be available in two trims: Slim and Pro. The Arctech Slim offers a slimmer and exposed fit while protecting from standard drops. Arctech Pro wraps around the phone to deliver certified protection of up to ten feet.

The Arctech Slim will retail for $29.99 while the Arctech Pro will come in at $39.99. Each is available in Black, Quartz (pink), and Mercury (white) for the iPhone XS, XR, XS Max, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max and Razer Phone 2. Razer is also offering a special Arctech Pro THS edition.

As a companion to the Arctech cases, Razer is also unveiling its own tempered glass screen protector. Called the Razer Blue Light Screen Protector, it is meant to not only protect your phone but also protect users from eyestrain due to the blue light that is emitted from displays.

The Blue Light Screen Protector will retail for $39.99 for every iPhone 11 model.

Every new Razer iPhone 11 accessory is now available through Razer and Amazon.

Danny Zepeda