Reckless Racing HD for iPad - app review

If your looking for a fun, simple racer with awesome graphics, then Reckless Racing HD might be for you. Playing this game reminds of RC Pro Am Racing on the original Nintendo, or NES. The premise is simple; beat other racers to win the championship.

The game is played with an overhead isometric view. There are several different control options, but I enjoy the default which is gas and break on the far right and left and right turn arrow on the left, the control is spot on too.

Starting off with the game you get a brief tutorial which also allows you to try out the different controls in real-time. Just tap the one you want to try while playing and you are good to go. Next, you can complete in a championship and more. There are three different classes to choose from; bronze, silver and gold. I personally had no challenge at all on bronze, so I bumped it up right to gold and had a blast. As you race there are obstacles to avoid, but the biggest challenge is just staying on the road! The game has you racing laps on dirt, gravel and paved roads and each feels succinctly different.

There are a few obstacles to watch out for while you race like cans, barrels and boxes. But what is great is that if you are a slick enough driver, you can discover nice shortcuts to help you through the level. The 8 tracks had me wanting a little more levels, though if you place first in the track you unlock the reverse course. I did find the three game modes (race, hot lap and delivery) to be fun as well.

The bonus with this game is with the multiplayer. You get 4 player racing online with Reckless Racing and it adds a whole other level racing with real people. You have leader boards and can save ghosts too. The only real issue I had with the multiplayer aspect is that you don't know if people are in the middle of a race till you enter their game. If they are racing, you have to wait till the race is over to join. I wish there was a way to see what games were already racing so you could find a game that much easier, or a quick match might work too.

Overall Reckless Racing HD is a blast to play, but is just shy of total greatness due to a few nicks here and there. However, I am sure EA will have new levels and cars with downloadable content soon.

[$4.99- iTunes Link (opens in new tab)]

TiPb iPad 3.5-star rated


  • Fun, fun game
  • A variety of levels
  • Online multiplayer


  • Additional levels would be nice, the variety is good, but I feel I race the same levels over and over
  • A few quirks with multiplayer

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  • "However, I am sure EA will have new levels and cars with downloadable content soon."
    Unfortunately, EA has barely provided ANY support for ANY iOS games, much less any additional content.
    Several of the last EA games to be released (MMA, FIFA 11, and Reckless Racing) all have glaring issues, with no sign of even a bug fix (the EA Mobile Games community manager has denied the problems exist on several occasions).
    They never release content updates, so this is probably and unfortunately as good as Reckless Racing gets.
  • EA sucks. I bought NFS and it's the last game I'll ever buy from them. Zero support, zero updates and overpriced...
  • Since Polarbit made the game and not one of EAs "studios" I am hopeful there will be future development.
  • I just encountered an frustrated online racer. He/she couldn't beat me so he/she turned around, drove the wrong way to hit my car in the head-on collision style. Then this driver ran away, the wrong way, I gave chase, the frustrated online racer left the game. Real people, real fun. The cars accelerate quickly but have limited top speeds. Nevertheless, highly recommended. You wouldn't believe how fast other people in the world can drive in this game.