How To: Recover Your MobileMe Password and Update it Often for Added Security

Apple has updated their MobileMe News "blog" with a helpful tip for added security, and for when that security necessitates the need for a helpful little reminder.

First up, Apple reminds everyone that even good passwords, left static for too long, grow old and stale.

One simple way to increase the security of your life online is to change your account password periodically.

You can change your MobileMe password via the Account icon, and Apple provides some suggestions for picking good passwords. (Here's ours -- use something long and with lots of numbers and symbols thrown in. Pseudo-random is the best. Use to generate it, or use a good password manager (I use 1Password on the Mac, my PC friends recommend RoboForm) to both generate and store lots of logins).

Next up is what to do if you forget your MobileMe password, and it's fairly standard stuff, involving a secret question:

Should you ever forget your MobileMe password, go to the MobileMe login page at and click the Forgot password link. You'll be taken to a page and given the option of resetting your password by answering a secret question to establish your identity.

Pro tip: If you're even a semi-public figure, or just "don't trust anyone" make up a fake history, with fake maiden names, pet names, etc. or anyone who knows your background can hack your account as easily as they did Salma Hayak's.

Rene Ritchie

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