Reddit for iPhone and iPad gains new mod tools, theater mode, and more

Reddit's official app for iPhone and iPad has hit version 4.0, adding new features such as a theater mode, as well as a new trophy case, moderator tools, and more.

Here's what you can expect from Reddit 4.0 on iPhone and iPad.

  • All new theater mode
  • New account drawer with night mode toggle
  • New trophy case in your profile for your hard earned trophies
  • New community page headers
  • New mod tools: mod queue, mod mode, r/mod, banning, muting, approved submitters, moderator list, Modmail
  • Anyone can now opt into chat from the bottom nav bar
  • Updated post flair selection when creating a post. You can now also edit the text of a post flair AND change your post flair on a post that's already been created
  • Cake icon beside your username when it's your cakeday
  • Usernames in feeds so you know who created the post
  • New content reporting flow to match desktop
  • New loading animations

For iPad:

  • All the 4.0 features
  • Now supports multitasking
  • Now supports scrolling on edges
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

You can grab the update for Reddit on iPhone and iPad from the App Store now.

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