Review: Invisible Shield for the iPhone

The Shieldzone Full Body invisibleSHIELD ($24.95) for your iPhone is an invisible, thin plastic coating that serves well to protect your pretty shiny iPhone from scratches, scrapes, and scuffs without adding additional bulk.

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What do military helicopters and iPhones have in common? Well, it's a safe guess that military helicopters aren't using Google Maps for navigation. Instead, some of the same protection available for expensive military hardware is also available for that sweet iPhone in your pocket!

Shieldzone Full Body invisibleSHIELD for iPhone is now available from your friendly neighborhood Phone different store for only $24.95. It's the same stuff that has been used to protect military helicopter blades from every-day wear, so if it's good enough for Uncle Sam, it's good enough for your iPhone!

I'm a gadget guy with OCD, which can be a very expensive combination. I do my best to protect my investments, but sometimes accidents happen and phones/PDAs are dropped, skipped across the pavement, and otherwise abused. I've tried a myriad of cases, pouches, and covers over the years, but not until now have I found an almost-perfect answer.


The Full Body invisibleSHIELD from Shieldzone is aptly named: it covers your entire iPhone for full-body protection. There are other similar products available from the Phone different store, namely Egrips and BodyGuardz Protective Skin, but I chose the Shieldzone invisibleSHIELD to fully protect my iPhone.

Your installation kit includes the plastic covering (very similar to screen protectors you may have used on your PDAs), a rubber "squeegee" and solution for application. Although you can try installing yourself, I highly recommend a professional installation by a Shieldzone employee (either at one of their stores or at a mall kiosk near you).


The beauty of the invisibleSHIELD is it's transparency, both literally and metaphorically. It covers the ENTIRE iPhone without hindering functionality. The multi-touch screen handles your multi-touches without a problem, as if no covering was there. All of the buttons on your iPhone are accessible. Additionally, the invisibleSHIELD is "underwear" your iPhone can wear under most cases that prevents chafing -- in other words, I've learned that even with a nice case over your iPhone, dust and dirt will collect over time between your iPhone and case and can scratch, nick and scuff your iPhone. The invisibleSHIELD allows NO dust or dirt between it and your iPhone, so you can sleep at night knowing your iPhone is protected!

If you just want to sport your iPhone in it's underwear, then go for it! The invisibleSHIELD protects your iPhone, even from your keys and loose change competing against your iPhone for space in your pocket. You can enjoy the elegant beauty of your iPhone without a bulky case.

Are there downsides to this product? Yes. This piece of mind and fancy (yet durable) underwear does not come without a price. Most smaller devices, like an iPhone, require another $10 on top of the purchase price if you want it professionally installed. Also, over time and use, the covering may start to peel up from the edges. The good news is the guarantee -- if professionally installed by Shieldzone, just take your iPhone back if peeling or other damage occurs and they will replace it (the invisibleSHIELD, NOT your iPhone). Also, although most cases or holsters are not a problem, some form-fitting hard cases may not fit properly in spite of the almost non-existent bulk that is added.


For complete protection, you can't go wrong with The Shieldzone Full Body invisibleSHIELD ($24.95). It is an excellent solution to protect your iPhone, alone or as "underwear" between your iPhone and your favorite case, pouch, or holster.

Pros • Clear, full-body protection. • Protects your screen without negatively affecting function of multi-touch. • Full access to all buttons.

Cons • Difficult to install on your own. • Edges may peel up over long-term use, but guarantee may allow free replacement. • May not play well with form-fitting hard cases.

Even with the Cons, I give it a 5 out of 5!