Review: Krusell Classic Case for iPhone 3G

The Krusell Classic Case for iPhone 3G is available from The iPhone Blog Store for $24.95. If you are looking for a stylish case that zips closed and has a protective clear cover, this case might be for you!. Let's see how it measures up after the break!


The Krusell Classic Case is form-fitted for the iPhone 3G. The case comes with a removable multidapt clip that can adhere to any multidapt accessory. The clear protective screen allows you to still touch the iPhone touchscreen while protecting it. You also have openings for all of the standard accessible areas such as the sleep button, vibrate, camera, volume and 30-pin connector.

Daily Use

I was excited to get my hands on the Krusell Classic Case for iPhone 3G. Stylish cases are sometimes hard to come by as they are often stripped of their "coolness" for usability and functionality. The Classic Case fits very snugly in the zipped enclosure of the case. So snug, it was a little challenging to zip closed. Once my iPhone was inside, I inspected all of the openings to see exactly how accessible everything was. I have to say, everything was accessible... but... I feel the holes were cut poorly; they did not align properly and headphone jack did not have a sewn seam unlike the other openings on the case. This would lend me to believe that over time, the headphone opening might tear, or become larger than intended.

The clear protective screen was a nice addition. It allows you to use the capacitive iPhone screen to enter text, select apps, etc. I did run into two distinct issues: 1) the clear cover is not flush against the touchscreen, so sometimes I would have to "press" the screen in order for anything to work and 2) there is a distinct opening directly above the 30-pin connector on the bottom of the case. Depending on where you keep your iPhone (I tend to carry mine in my jean pocket) you can accrue unwanted lint and dust between the cover and the touchscreen.

Speaking of 30-pin connector, this case is not dockable unless you unzip the bottom of the case and slide it out, you can however, plug in your standard cable for charging and syncing. The included multidapt clip works... like a clip. If I had more multidapt accessories, it might be a little more exciting. To be honest, I left the clip off about 90% of the time.


While this case does have a few shortcomings in my opinion, it does look cool. The multidapt accessory is a definite bonus if you can take advantage of it and the Euro-styling is catchy. One of the big advantages of this case is that it protects it without adding a real bulk. The screen


  • Stylish
  • Case is compact
  • Openings for accessing everything you need on your phone


  • Not all openings are stitched
  • Dust and lint can easily get between the screen and protective cover
  • Not dockable

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