Review: OtterBox Impact Case for iPhone 3G

The OtterBox Impact Series Case for the iPhone 3G is available here at the TiPb iPhone store for only $12.95, in either black or white. It is a case that encloses your iPhone 3G in a soft rubber skin, extra rubber padding on the back and all four corners. Can a skin case for only $12.95 really stand up to the rigors of everyday use that may subject your sleek iPhone 3G to bumps, bruises and scrapes? Read on for the full review!

Case Design

The OtterBox Impact case offers a slim, form-fitting Silicone layer of protection for your iPhone 3G while still providing impact-absorbing features. The back of the case and the corners are impact-absorbing and dissipate impact away from your iPhone 3G. Additionally, the sides of the case are textured for a more secure grip. All ports, buttons, and functions are accessible through the thin Silicone layer, including an opening for the headphone jack, the mute switch, and even a cutout on the back of the case to display the shiny Apple logo proudly. Having the option of purchasing the case in black or white is also nice - if you have a white iPhone, then switch things up with the black case, and vice versa.


One of my main concerns about skin cases is that, historically, I've had poor luck with them. Why? Usually they stretch a bit over time and start slipping around my smartphone like a cheap oversized suit. I'm very encouraged by the OtterBox case design because although the Silicone is thin and flexible, it wraps completely around each end of the iPhone and resists unwanted stretching and shifting.

The feel and grip of the case is comfortable, particularly with the textured sides. The screen is fully accessible, as well as all of the functions, ports and buttons. The additional thickness of the Silicone along the back and corners provide additional impact from impacts and scratching. The case has a stylish look and the open round window on the back for the Apple logo is a nice touch.


The OtterBox Impact Series Case for the iPhone 3G is hard to beat for the price. The Silicone skin is protective and comfortably grippy, all ports and controls are accessible, and you have a choice of black or white, depending on your taste. The case is stylish and seems to resist the stretching and slipping that can occur over time with other skin cases. I'm happy to report that there are many positives and nothing negative to report. Especially for the price of $12.95, I can give this case a big thumbs up.



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  • Available in both black and white
  • Textured sides add "grippiness"
  • Case wraps securely around both ends of phone
  • Good accessibility to ports and buttons
  • Only $12.95
  • Cons

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  • Most skin cases can stretch out over time, and it's uncertain if this one will do the same given enough wear and tear
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