Review: Seidio Inno Dock for the iPhone, iPod Touch

Seidio InnoDock

The Seidio InnoDock for the iPhone ($39.95) is a straightforward dock with a couple of non-straightforward features. It will charge your iPhone (via USB) and also features an audio-out port. The main feature, though, is that it's able to work with your iPhone in its case - no removal required.

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The InnoDock is a half-sphere with a slice cut out to hold the iPhone. It's not especially small, about 3 inches in diameter and about 2 inches tall, but it does have a bit of weight to it. It's not heavy enough to stay down when you lift up the iPhone, but you can easily press down on it while pulling the iPhone up.

The dock connector on the InnoDock is actually set on a spring hinge. It points straight up so you can easily set the iPhone on it, then it angles back with the weight of the iPhone. It certainly feels sturdy engouh.

There's also a green LED on the right to show that it's plugged in. The rear of the dock sports an audio-out (3.5 mm) and a female USB plug. It also ships with a 50" long USB cable to plug into the dock for charging.

Works with Cases

The best feature of the InnoDock is a function of that extra space and the hinged dock connector, it it able to work with all but the bulkiest of iPhone cases. Here it is with my current iPhone case, the Speck SeeThru (Review Here)

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Audio Out

The InnoDock also has a standard, 3.5mm headset jack on the rear. This means you can hook it up to a pair of desktop speakers (or even headphones) for listening.

You should note, though, that the iPhone treats the dock as though it were a pair of "headphones." So it will act just like the iPhone acts when headphones are plugged in. The ringer will still ring through the speaker, but there's no way to listen to music via the iPhone's built-in speaker while it's sitting in the dock.

The nice bit is this the first audio-out device I've used that doesn't pop up the annoying "flight mode" warning when you plug it in -- no blown speakers!. :)


What more is there to say? The InnoDock ($39.95) is straightforward and capable. If you use a case and are sick of either leaving your iPhone flat or of removing the case to dock it, it's definitely worth a look. You might also want to look at the InnoDock Jr, which is identical to the InnoDock but lacks the audio out port.


  • Works with nearly all cases
  • Audio Out fully compatible with iPhone
  • Charges and Syncs just like it ought


  • USB charging only
  • Unable to use the iPhone's speaker to listen to music while docked
  • Unnecessary green LED

Overall: 4 / 5

Dieter Bohn