Review: Seidio Slim Rubberized Hard Case for the Original iPhone

The Seidio Slim Rubberized Hard Case for iPhone is available here at the Phone different Store for $29.95.  With so many choices to protect and stylize your iPhone, how does this case measure up?  Read on for the full review!

When choosing a case for your iPhone, there are numerous options out there.  For me, protection and appearance are paramount.  I've had cases that protect against impact but, due to a slight amount of movement between the case and phone, scratching occurs (because you and I both know that dust ALWAYS manages to get under the case!).

The Seidio Slim Rubberized Hard Case for iPhone is a hard plastic case with a rubberized paint finish.  The back half of the case is lined with soft velvet, providing a non-scratch cushion between the case and the back of the iPhone.  The case is available in three colors: black, burgundy, and blue.

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The case snaps easily together between front and back.  The seam between halves is fairly smooth around the perimeter of the iPhone.  There are cutouts for the ear speaker, Home button, connector port and speaker/mic, camera, headphone jack, power switch, and for the volume rocker and mute switch.  The touchscreen is fully accessible on the front.


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Although I love the design of the iPhone, one of the things I decry is it's "bar of soap" feel in the hand.  The Seidio Slim Rubberized Hard Case does a fantastic job of protecting the iPhone while the rubberized finish makes it more "grippy" without adding much bulk.

One concern I had about a hard, snap-together case was how well it would hold together -- I didn't want the case coming apart at the slightest bump or twist in my hand.  

Fortunately, I have had no problems with this Seidio case.  Once it snaps together, it takes a little effort to separate the two pieces.  Although I haven't tried it myself, I suspect a drop on a hard surface will result in separation (and possibly a scratched iPhone), but few cases will protect well against a drop on a hard surface anyway.  You must ultimately sacrifice a bit of protection a leather or nylon case may provide in exchange for the rubberized paint and slender profile of the Seidio case.

I previously mentioned my concern about my iPhone getting scratched by dust and dirt trapped between the iPhone and case.  I'm happy to report that after weeks of use, I have yet to find any scratches on my iPhone as a result of using this case. The rubberized paint has also held up remarkably well with daily use.

Summing It Up

In spite of the stratospheric rise in gas and food prices, I'm happy to report that your money is well-spent on the Seidio Slim Rubberized Hard Case for iPhone, available here at the Phonedifferent store for $29.95.  With full access to the iPhone, "grippy" feel, and minimal added bulk, it's a great case to complement the sleekness of your iPhone!


  • Full access to iPhone
  • "Grippy" rubberized coating
  • Once snapped together, it stays put


  • Offers less protection if iPhone is dropped

Overall:  5/5

  • I like how they put the felt on the inside... excellent idea. I just got the contour hardskin and that is the one thing that worries me about cases like this. I even thought about putting the cleaning cloth that comes with the phone inside the case if it fits to prevent the back from scratching. Should be here today so I'm gonna take a look at it before I even bother putting it on. If it looks like it could scratch my white back... not even going to risk it.
  • I can highly recommend the Seidio Innocase. It's basically the same thing except the case slides on and clips to a bottom piece. The bottom part is easily removed for docking which gives it an edge over most other cases. With the slide on design I can't imagine the case coming off when dropped. It's ultra snug with felt interior lining to prevent phone movement, it's so solid people can't tell it's a case. My wife bought a case that snaps together front to back and it's obvious it will come apart on impact.
  • I had one of these for my old Treo 680 and liked it quite a bit.
  • Is this available for the 3g?