Reviewers say this is the iPhone 11's best new feature

What you need to know

  • iPhone 11 reviewers all say the device's battery life is fantastic.
  • They say the iPhone 11's battery life lives up to Apple's claims.
  • Users should expect to get through an entire day with battery life left over.

Over the past several years, smartphones have gotten thinner and thinner, in some cases resulting in less than stellar battery life. The good news is that trend is starting to turn around, with devices like the new iPhone 11 featuring a slightly thicker design to make way for a bigger battery.

Wouldn't you know it? Reviewers are responding in kind to the change, praising the iPhone 11's seemingly endless battery. Improved battery life is a huge win for consumers, because it means people will have less battery anxiety. No longer will you go frantically searching for an outlet in a last ditch effort to charge your device.

CNBC said they got all-day battery life:

The iPhone 11 hits everything most people need out of a phone. I got all-day battery life out of it, found it plenty fast for games and switching through apps, thanks to Apple's new A13 Bionic processor. It never felt "slow" to me, so you don't need to worry about your phone being sluggish just because it's cheaper than the Pro models. It's just as fast.

Endgaget found that the iPhone 11's battery life was even better than last year's iPhone XR:

The XR gave me the best battery life of any iPhone I had ever tested last year, and the 11 manages to beat it, if only just. I routinely managed to use the XR for 16 hours before needing to charge it again while the 11 lasted closer to 17 hours on average. Granted, that's not a huge increase, but considering how good XR users had it last year, the fact that Apple managed to improve battery life at all is at least worth a golf clap.

Mashable also compared the iPhone 11's battery life to that of the iPhone XR:

With the iPhone 11, that's even more true than before. It's still the people's iPhone. It has faster performance, an ultra wide camera, night mode, an hour longer battery life, new colors, and a lower starting price at $699 instead of the $749 the iPhone XR launched at. That's a hell of a value for a new iPhone no matter how you look at it.

The Verge said the iPhone 11's battery easily lasted a full day:

But in our tests, the iPhone 11 easily lasted a full day at a time and then some. It's possible you could manage to kill this battery in less than a day, but you'd have to really try. The battery life is great, just like the iPhone XR's battery life was great.

Tech Radar said Apple's battery life claims turned out to be true:

Apple claims that the battery life of the iPhone 11 is an hour longer than that of the impressive iPhone XR, and in our tests this largely bore out. We were able to eke 24 hours' use out of it without needing to try too hard - although sadly there's no fast charger in the box, so if you do deplete the power pack you'll need to wait around three hours before it's fully juiced up.

iMore put the iPhone 11 through some grueling tests and said the battery crushed it:

To test out battery life, I did what I usually do. The most grueling stress I can imagine — Pokemon Go Community Day. That's screen, GPS, cellular data, and the processor, all running and radiating continuously for hours. And… they crushed it. Sure, it's just one slice of life, so I'll be using and abusing the iPhone 11 in a far wider range of real world situations over the next few weeks and I'll let you know how it holds up.

The iPhone 11 is available to preorder now for $699 and launches on September 20.

Brandon Russell