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Rogers introduces new roaming plan for traveling to the U.S.

Rogers is introducing a new international roaming plan for those customers traveling to the United States. The Roam Like Home plan allows Rogers customers to access their Share Everything minutes, text, and data while in the United States for $5 per day.

Rogers will charge you for a maximum of ten days with Roam Like Home, for a total of an extra $50 on your bill. If you're in the U.S. for an extended stay, any days past the first ten cost you nothing extra. Charges for Roam Like Home only apply on days when you actually use your phone in the United States.

New Rogers Share Everything customers will be automatically enrolled in Roam Like Home. Existing Share Everything customers can sign up for the program beginning Monday, November 10.

Source: Rogers

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  • You would do well if you mentioned somewhere, preferably at the very beginning of the story, what Rogers is. Apparently it is a Canadian service provider? So nothing for the Europeans, for instance, to feel exited about. I would love to read of a US service provider offering affordable data for occassional visitors to your country, but this was not it. Please remember that a great many of your readers are actually internationals.
  • Are you kidding me right now? Sent from the iMore App
  • Let's talk a little on how to stay away from Rogers, Bell & Telus (in Canada!):