UPDATED AGAIN: Rogers [Denies They're Going] to Launch 4G LTE in Time for 2010 Vancouver Olympics

UPDATED AGAIN: BGR is sticking by their story. Interesting times, eh?

UPDATE: We just received an email from Rogers stating:

"While we generally don't comment on speculation or rumour, this posting is not accurate. Rogers was involved in no such call."

ORIGINAL: So we've heard about AT&T and the EU, and we've heard about Verizon. Now it's Canadian iPhone carrier, Rogers' turn. The BGR brings word they're pouring on the 4G LTE in hopes of launching in Vancouver in time for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in February.

Reportedly 50Mbps (un-optimized) is already a go on tests, and while no handsets will be available until mid-2010, USB dongles should launch sooner. Following Vancouver, Rogers plans to expand the network, and vows they'll have less problems than their 3G HSPA launch. (We all hope!)

In the mixed bag-of-hurt department, it sounds like Rogers is also going to try to help out their over-strained cable business by merging it with 4G and Portable Internet.

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