Rumor suggests Apple is testing out 6.7-inch iPhone prototype with no notch

What you need to know

  • Leaker and concept artist Ben Geskin shared mockups of a supposed 2020 iPhone prototype.
  • The prototype has a 6.7-inch display and comes with no notch.
  • It could be the complete redesign Apple is reportedly planning for next year.

Apple followed its new tick-tock-tick iPhone upgrade cycle by delivering the slightly modified iPhone 11 that doesn't really change much from the two-year-old iPhone X. But rumors abound that Apple is working on a major iPhone redesign for 2020, and the latest rumor may be the most audacious one yet.

Leaker and concept artist Ben Geskin shared mockups of a supposed iPhone prototype Apple is working on. The mockup shows an iPhone without a notch, leading to a symmetrical finish on all sides. The True Depth Camera will live in the slight bezel at the top of the phone, but even so, the components seem to have been shrunken in order to fit the tiny bezel.

In short, the mockup looks like an iPhone 11 Pro without the notch. The bezels aren't as small as what you'll find in other Android devices, especially the side ones. However, if Apple somehow does manage to fit the True Depth Camera into the slim bezel, it would be a major feat of engineering.

For as outlandish as this rumor sounds, this isn't the first time a 6.7-inch iPhone has been mentioned. MacRumors notes reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo stated earlier this year Apple would release a new iPhone line-up in 2020 comprising of the 5.4-inch and 6.7-inch Pro models and a 6.1-inch lower-end model.

He also said each phone would come with an OLED panel (even the iPhone 11 successor) and 5G support. However, what he doesn't specify is if Apple would get rid of the notch. Earlier this week, Kuo revealed Apple is planning on incorporating a similar body design as the iPhone 4 with the metal frame.

Keep in mind that it's still very early in the development of the 2020 iPhone; we're bound to hear some crazy rumors from now until Apple takes the wraps off this new iPhone next September.

Until then, even though the rumors might pique your curiosity like this impressive no-notch iPhone does, take them with a grain of salt. They might just be too good to be true

Danny Zepeda