Rumored Verizon blackout dates seem to confirm September 21 iPhone 5 launch

Verizon is rumored to be blacking out vacation days starting Friday, September 21, 2012. If that date sounds familiar, it's because back in July iMore learned Apple was planning to announce the next iPhone on September 12 and launch it on September 21. Coincidence? Not according to Jordan Crook at TechCrunch.

A trusted Verizon employee has just confirmed to TechCrunch that the carrier is having an all-staff vacation blackout from the dates of Friday, September 21 to September 30. You know what that means, right? The next iPhone, whether it’s called the iPhone 5 or simply the new iPhone, will almost certainly be available in stores (with lines wrapping around the back of them) starting Friday, September 21.

As mentioned earlier today, the iPhone 5 will be a really big deal for Verizon, as it will likely give them an LTE 4G device, which is lightyears ahead of the CDMA-bound one they have now.

So, if accurate, Verizon is absolutely going to want to have everything prepped and ready for what might just be their biggest phone launch ever.

Source: TechCrunch