Samsung sues Apple over iPhone 5

Samsung has filed suit against Apple and the iPhone 5. No, it's not because Samsung is worried they won't be able to copy "aluminium" fast enough, it's because they feel Apple is violating several of their patents, including six utility patents and 2 standards essential patents involving (non-LTE) wireless networking. Sakthi Prasad et al. from Reteurs have what little word there is at this point:

Samsung filed a motion against Apple saying the iPhone 5 had infringed on some of the company's patents.

Samsung is expected to add LTE patents to its portfolio of lawsuits against Apple at some point as well. Two of the current patents being FRAND patents encumbered -- which are supposed to be licensed in a fair, reasonable, and non-descriminating manner, but have increasingly been used counter Apple's proprietary patent suits -- may end up being problematic for Samsung. Use of FRAND patents in lawsuits involving proprietary patents has even led to government investigation in some jurisdictions.

Whether this is simply a case of Apple not paying Samsung what they're due, or Apple believing they're covered by a manufacturer's license and Samsung begging to differ, or Samsung abusing the FRAND concept to try and extort proprietary cross-licenses out of Apple is unknown at this point. Lots of variables, even more arguments.

Samsung recently lost a billion dollar verdict to Apple in US courts when the jury found Samsung had willfully violated Apple's patents and trade dress. That was only one case among many, however, in the global legal battle currently being waged between Apple and Samsung, the two largest rivals in mobile, who also remain among the largest manufacturing partners as well.

No doubt there'll be more as this winds its way through the courts. Meanwhile, no one is coming to your house and taking away your iPhone, or your data connection.

Source: Reuters

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