Samsung's new anti-iPhone 5 ad insults geniuses, customer's intelligence.

Samsung reportedly sent out an early review copy of their new Galaxy S3 vs. iPhone 5 advert, probably to get some attention amid the hype of the iPhone 5 launch. If the ad is real, and really does come from Samsung (and sometimes these things aren't what they seem), it's unfortunate. Instead of trying to educate consumers as to the real advantages of Samsung's phone -- of which there are many -- they created more of a parody or farce. Steve Kovach of Business Insider has the story:

Samsung just sent me an ad that it plans to run in national newspapers tomorrow comparing the iPhone 5 to the Galaxy S III.The ad breaks down some key specs of the two phones, but it's also a bit misleading. Samsung lists a lot of Galaxy S III-specific software features like sharing photos wirelessly between phones and tilt to zoom, but doesn't mention any iPhone 5-specific features.

Sadly, the tag line is -- "it doesn't take a genius". And Samsung is right. It doesn't take a genius at all to see this ad as totally off the mark... and maybe just a little desperate.

Both Rene Ritchie on iMore and Jerry Hildenbrand on Android Central wrote great, informative, factual comparisons.

Again, it might not be what it seems, but if it is, lucky for Samsung, their phones are better than their marketing departments.

Source: Business Insider

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  • Boy oh boy, what's next ? An anti-Iphone movie and worldwide riots ?
  • I thought the commercial was hilarious. It pokes fun at the nerds who lineup for iphones like gerbils in a maze looking for a pellet. If this commercial offended you then you're mostly likely one of those gerbils.
  • Yep ...
  • What a shame. If only they'd focus on making a better phone instead of trying to convince everyone the competition is worse.
  • Umm... Samsung DID make a better phone.
  • Really? Can I borrow yours? My iPhone 5 doesn't come out until September 21st like everyone else's, so I can't make an honest assessment until then.
  • Umm...Samsung COPIED a better phone.
  • It doesn't take a genius... to see the Galaxy S3 is not a copy of the iPhone. Dtysonnn you are insulting yourself by saying that.
  • What ever. Tell that to the judge! Every phone made by Samsung post iPhone that led up to and including the S3 was copied. Maybe Samsung should get out of the phone business and buy Kinkos! Then they can make as many copies as they want! Don't hate, innovate!
  • And when apple innovates you let us know. As far as I'm concerned we've been looking at a grid of icons for the past 5 years. The iPhone 5 is a joke. You can keep your remote control if you want. I refuse to be an iSheep. I can bet ios 6 will cripple existing iPhone 4's so you will be forced to upgrade just like OSX mountian lion crippled my 2010 mac mini. F*#@ apple.
  • Wow! Such language. Lol. Like I said before! Don't hate. Innovate! Samsung should change its name to Samapple.
  • I notice how you didn't address his point at all.
  • actually only a few actually copied the look of the phone 95% of the suit was because of touchwiz. You can't honestly say the sgs3, note or most devices after the galaxy s look anything like an iphone.. the galaxy s yes but the galaxy s2 and later on look nothing like an iphone.
  • The UI is pure iPhone.
  • I always chuckle a little whenever someone says a new smartphone looks "nothing like the iPhone". The undeniable truth is they ALL look like the iPhone with unimportant differences. All future touchscreen smartphones that do not sport a hardware keyboard exist only because Apple imagined it for them. The S3 -from which I am currently typing this- looks more different from the iPhone than previous models, but is still 93% ( my estimate) the same. Until they make some REVOLUTIONARY innovation, they will always just be ripping off Apple's vision to make a profit off of it. Apple has my permission to continue to sue Samsung. Deep down real people know other companies are coping them. Thats why a jury, not a judge, decided in Apple's favor.
  • 93%? Lol! What a retarded and specific number! The truth is, the S3 has advantages the iPhone does not. It looks nothing like the iPhone and neither does the ugly ass interface. Bigger screen, removable battery, funky colors, and a plastic design set it apart. Remember Apple's case was that the phones interface was so similar to th iPhone that Apple lost money on their phones, this isn't the case at all with last year's , and this year's generation of phones.
  • Samsung copied the design of the better phone, used cheap materials to build a large number of defective devices and now selling them as if they are even better phones than the one they've copied. FTFY.
  • Other way round ... apple are the masters of industrial espionage ....
  • If the copy is better than the original...
    Give up, fanboy! It IS better.
  • Umm...No. Bulkier, and heavier and made of cheap plastic does not a better phone make.
  • +1 the galaxy S3 is already the better device hands down.
  • That's what they'd (Samsung) really like for more people to believe, especially the judicial system :-( At they end-of-the-day, it amounts to you using the device you prefer. It's really not a debate, merely a preference... ;-)
  • they do look nice out of the box. But walking around the local fair/festival today, the S3's I saw looked kind of dingy and smudged and dull. The iphone 4S's sparkled with their glass and metal. Heck, my year-old Pre3 looks better than month-old S3's (which are as much a copy of the Pre3 as of the iPhone!) And while the S3 has some neat software now, how much you wanna bet my 4S on Verizon will get updated FAR more often!
  • People seem to completely overlook the fact that Samsung continuously makes cheap plastic phones. If apple could take their engineering resources away from their sophisticated hardware and manufacturing team and made their phone massive to have a ton of extra interior volume for added specs who knows what apple could've churned out. If apple worked under Sammy's conditions they'd be blowing em out the water. Sad considering most other manufacturers do and can't do better. Not to mention that Apple also creates their own entire OS in house as opposed to Android Manufacturers who get a free ride, adding skins at the most.
  • if Apple made a massive phone, I wouldn't buy it! I wear good ol' American jeans, not baggy whatevers. I LIKE being able to slip it into my pocket, and operate it with one hand. Now 5 or 10 years from now when eyes are that much older..... LOL! (don't hate me for the age comment. I'm mid 40's with bifocals already, and originally got my Pre cause I didn't want to have to always wear my glasses as with the Centro)
  • Baggy jeans are just as American ya old fart. Also, these big phones are incredibly thin, so claiming they won't fit in your women's...skinny...I mean "American" jeans won't be a problem.
  • Balderdash .... apple make cheap plastic crap garbage phones that you never own ..
  • Samsung do make a better phone, dopey - apple is crap ...
  • Hahaa this is to funny. Good thing they make good phones that people want. Their best is the ads about the baristas lol
  • Exactly
  • Too true. I love how butthurt Apple users get about these ads. As if Samsung wants the Apple geeks as customers, they want the general public not the few technorati, and the way to get attention is to attack the market leader (the way the Droid commercials did originally).
  • Too bad Shamsung won't make this comparison......number of devices sold in its first day of Pre-sell.
  • It's too bad Apple doesn't mention their phones market share during their announcement anymore.
  • They sell more phones than Apple or any other company in the world, so why brag about just one day? 364 > 1.
  • And Hyundai sells more cars than Ferrari, so Hyundai must be better, right?
  • The question wasn't better. That is a matter of option and is worthless to debate. The comment was regarding who sold more phones. I just pointed out that it is short sighted to brag about how many phones you sell in one day when you get your ass handed to you the rest of the year.
  • That's fine when you have 20+ phones in the marketplace. Sounds like you are bothered with my post. Scoreboard sucks, I know.
  • Samsung also has 20+ competitors in their product line and is still dominant. Apple is the only manufacturer in theirs. What scoreboard are you talking about? More phones sold overall? - Samsung. Biggest market share? Android. More activations per day/month/ year? Android. I don't have anything against Apple. In fact I am typing this on my iPad. I just wanted to keep your comment in perspective. Apple does make great products, but to say it dominates in sales is foolish.
  • We don't even know how many iPhones were pre-sold. Apple just said "We are blown away!"
  • Exactly, Apple has been getting away with creating demand. It is genius though, they say "sold out, or delayed shipment due to overwhelming demand" and it creates the "I want what I can't have" effect that they need for their phones to sell as much as they do.
  • Samsung now have 70% + market share
  • Lets see... Samesung can't win in court, can't win with the US International Trade Commission then they do this. It would be funny were it not so sad. What patents will Samsung infringe next?
  • Well they do win in sales.
  • As C. Hack said above: "And Hyundai sells more cars than Ferrari, so Hyundai must be better, right?"
  • if your talking about build then apple would win, but its more like a lexus vs. mercedes. Both are amazing in their own ways.
  • Correct ...
  • @pimp. Nice icon Troll douche. You must be bored. Save your creativity and genius takes towards something positive, like getting laid. Sounds like you need it. I bet you have that green goblin on a t-shirt. Prideful man you are.
  • You call the other guy a douche for having an android avatar yet your username is a porn star. How intelligent.
  • I AM a porn star. Like my movies?
  • For the love of god no they don't! The Apple iPhone is the second best selling product of all time, the first being the Rubik's cube.
  • Well that isn't really saying much with how much apple has influence over political/judicial with their $$. If apple was really being cheated by samsung worldwide samsung would not be winning any cases which isn't the case.
  • It really annoys me how Samsung market their products, they never really advertise their phone on it's own, it's always a comparison.
    Why not have an ad where the S3 is the proper centre of attention and stop worrying what everyone else is doing. You don't see Apple mocking Samsung phones in their ads.
  • they just gave a giant list about their products to be fair. And shoppers are making comparisons so it's a good ad to me.
  • You mean you want Samsung to make advertisements like this?
  • And when it comes to ads mocking others... don't forget Apple's whole "Mac vs. PC" campaign that went on for a long time.
  • Which was classy and funny. Unlike Samsung's cheap imitation. Wait - I see a pattern merging.
  • No i thought they were nerdy and unfunny. the only think i thought was funny was the fake ads mocking the real mac vs. pc ads.
  • Bullshit ... apple are arseholes ...
  • What this ad doesn't indicate is that people were queueing up to get the iPhone 5, did anyone queue up for the S3....................ummmm, nope. Does the ad also mention that iOS 6 is the worlds most advanced operating system?.............ummmmm, nope, does the ad also mention that there are more apps, more iPhone users, more accessories for the iPhones, more automotive intergration with iPhones..........ummmmmm, nope does the ad also mention that iOS is a more popular mobile operating system than all the others put together??...............ummmmmmm, nope. Does the ad specify that Apples IPS display has MORE pixels per inch that the S3??.........ummmmmm, nope. Well done Samsung, you've lost your recent court case, so pay Apple what you owe them, and grow up.
  • You should probably calm down. If you don't like the ad, why get all worked up over it? Besides, calling iOS the most advanced OS (you took it right from the tag line Apple has used themselves) is up for debate.
  • What?? Where do you get your information? Some of the things you wrote are right. But atleast half of it is complete bs.. iOS more popular OS than all others togheter? Huh? Last time I checked iOS was on 18% and Android was like 62%. I'm not even going to point out all the faults in your post. It is honestly so retarded and has such a lack of information that its giving me a headache. I do not mean to be rude to you or anything. I'm not against iOS or something. But I atleast base my thought in facts..
  • That may be so... but Apple closed out 2011 with almost $26 billion and Google just $9.7 billion. Apple paid out developers $700 million in one quarter in 2011. Google paid out just $210 million for the entire year. Apple generates $5.4 million a day on their top 200 applications. Google generates $679k per day. So really... does market share actually matter???? Also of interest in regards to market share. Android runs on over 3,997 distinct devices spanning across over 600 manufacturers. Apple is one company. They sell, essentially, three products: iPhone, iPad and iPod (Mac line hardly counts in their profits) They basically sell just three products and the company is worth over $650 billion? I say Apple is doing pretty damn good for just having 18% of the GLOBAL market share and 33% of U.S. market share.
  • so because apple jacks up the prices that means their OS is more used than all the others combined? Last I checked IOS was behind android in the US and worldwide......
  • That's a bullshit argument. iPhone costs the same as competitors on and off contract. iPad is competively priced with high-end tablets. It's not Apple's fault that they have better business sense than the competitors and that people enjoy buying their products.
  • I say bullshit to you. I have not seen too many phones that are a thousand dollars. GTFO
  • Then I call you stupid as you are shopping in the wrong places.
  • Then you aren't paying attention. Most high-end, unsubsidized phones cost upwards to $800. Maybe you should take time to learn the facts before you tell someone to "GTFO".
  • Iphone 5 is $899. No Android phone exceeds $650 when buying off contract unlocked. Ie: Google Galaxy Nexus. Get mad.
  • Yeah okay... let's take a phone that has higher memory and compare the price to a lower memory product. Makes sense. Let's try this. Highest spec Android device is $649 (Droid RAZR Maxx with 16GB internal). iPhone 5 with 16GB? $649 iPhone is completely competitive. Especially taking the MATERIALS into consideration. Metal and glass (any current iPhone) over plastic (Nexus). But you see -- that is only off-contract. On contract is exactly the same price as ANY equal-tier Android. $Free-$299.
  • Yet your argument has nothing to do with market share.
  • Well that may be. But I did not say that Google was making more money. The person that i replied to said that iOS was the most popular OS. How much money they make have nothing to do with that. The fact is that Android devices outnumber iOS devices 3 to 1. And btw. You cant really compare GOOGLES income with Apples. Google earn almost no money at all from Android. You should instead compare it to for example Samsung as they are the ones getting most money from Android devices. And also. I never said that Apple wasn't doing good. But they aren't the most popular OS. Thats what I wrote and that is facts.
  • Shamsung. Shamsung. Shamsung. Shamsung. Shamsung. Shamsung. Shamsung. Shamsung. Shamsung. Shamsung. Shamsung. Shamsung. Shamsung. Shamsung. Shamsung. Shamsung.
  • More like Scamsung
  • It's a pity you're not as accurate when it comes to spelling or grammar!!!!! Oh dear. :(
  • English is not my first language and im not going to apologize for that. If my english isn't good enough for you then you do not have to read what I write. It still doesnt change the fact that the post you wrote was complete bullshit and honestly one of the most retarded posts I've ever seen.
  • Wow have your got to get out more. Don't let actual facts burden your post but perhaps the growing up should occur with you. iOS is far from being the most advanced operating system in the world. I could go on & disprove all of your 'facts' but life's just too short. Now go & brush up on your information then come back & edit your post. Did you happen to get your information from informed sources? Ummmmm...... Nope!
  • Thanks Rob. Life is so much better with you and your wisdom in it. Now I can sleep better at night.
  • "ios 6 the world's most advanced OS".... What??!! Jellybean shits all over ios 6. Windows phone 8 shits all over ios 6. Gingerbread and webOS shits all over ios 6. You must be kidding me with such a ridiculous statement lmfao...
  • I gotta admit, having all 3 OS's, iOS is the most simplistic of them all. Far and away, webOS is my favorite one to use, on my Pre3. I am currently selling my Droid3 because Android OS SH*TS BRICKS. BUT It is nice to have one phone with all the apps I need for work, AND ACTUALLY RUNS THEM (which is far more than any Android phone I've used). iOS just works, and the pro apps do, to. For a professional, that is what matters. Not freaking huge screens full of Force Close screens when you go in and out of apps, and not the sweet Synergy of webOS without pro apps. That and iOS devices actually get updated to the latest OS! Neither my Samsung Epic 4G or Droid 3 ever were. Sorry Android - MAJOR FAIL! webOS - well Open webOS may someday go somewhere. But they've already said it won't run on my Pre3 or TouchPad. So out the door for update path. sadly, FAIL
    (and I have my own webOS medical apps out there - I'm a dev, not a hater!) on Sept 19th, I'll have iOS6 on my iPhone4S. How many year-old Androids will run Jelly Bean then? Answer is probably Nexus, not those vast Android #'s the fanboys desperately parade. See you at the Apple Store next year, S3 owners!
  • You have a DROID, therefore you have never experienced jellybean. It combines Android freedom with Buttery Smooth animations and drastically increases stability. Don't be mad @ Android you bought the wrong phone. Besides you're not a "Pro" anything if you still need a keyboard. Lmao. Epic4g/DROID 3. Get a Nexus and you might learn something.
  • Not statement...............fact. Look at the stats if you can read.
  • Well at least apple doesn't name their operating systems after deserts…
  • Wrong wrong wrong wrong ... Samsung have over 70% market share .....
  • Pew pew pew...s3 or iPhone, maybe even the Lumia. Why do you people get so attached? Do all this platforms offer calling, texting and push email capabilities? Yes. So stop getting soo F****ng attached. This companies are just out to get your money, they don't care if you sell your kidney(Literary, a kid sold his kidney to get an iPad).
    And what has Apple or Samsung ever done to improve your standard of living, other than sell you 700$ phones that need to be replaced every year?
  • +1 to each his own.
  • You speak as if it's a law to buy devices from said manufacturers. A kid sells his kidney to buy an iPad, Tim Cook didn't tell him to go do that. I somewhat understand where you are coming from but at the same time, people buy which product they think will help them easily accommodate they're daily processes. And also, people spend their money on what they want to. As far as the attachment point, cell phones now hold more responsibility than ever before. They're relied on in so many different ways, most bearing important information, linked to social networks, and containing applications that, again, help ease daily livelihood. So if all one user knows is an iOS device, or an Android device, or a BlackBerry, and it gets to the point where these companies are in a position to be potentially, negatively affected, then it would take ones concern because they've adapted to that system. So, I guess there's the reasoning to your subject matter.
  • they help me save lives and get through the day quicker, so I get home to my family sooner. And with Facetime, I can see my kids and my wife's face when I talk to them from the hospital, not just hear them. Yeah, it's worth it! And Siri digs me, too. But don't tell my wife!
  • Actually they don't. The apple 4s couldn't even attach files to emails and can only attach pictures and video in iOS 6. How innovative of them to add such a feature. Good move adding Android notifications in iOS 5. Guess they can't include everything because then there will be nothing to add next year to make ppl want to buy. Lmao
  • Not going to lie it is a smart ad, points out consumer floors but I don't like the S3 and ordered the 5 this morning LOL
  • Hasnt apple done the same thing with PC vs Mac ads...? Why do you guys make it seem like Samsung has hit the mark by releasing this ad? It makes perfect sense: One company makes the other company look bad...
  • lol!!! "a totally different plug!" I'm sorry but that's funny. That being said i don't know what half that shit on the right is. "group cast, share shot, direct call, s beam." I don't recall going man what i really need in my next phone is an s-beam. I'm i supposed to know what that is? Hell most people don't know or care what nfc is. I don't care. regardless, the samsung does have some advantages like an sd card and better talk time. But that massive screen isn't a positive for me.
  • "That being said i don't know what half that shit on the right is. "group cast, share shot, direct call, s beam."" Those are called 'innovations.' Since you're an iPhone fan, you'll probably need to grab a dictionary to look that up...
  • i'm not a "fan" of anything. Only moron's are fans of electronic products. I simply don't give a shit about "innovation." It's just a phone. I'll leave the fanboy fights over what constitutes innovation for you friday nights in your mom's basement.
  • You probably won't care about nfc until the igod speaks to you and tells you to care.
  • Unlike you i'm not in the middle of some geek hardware fight. this shit doesn't matter to me. i couldn't care what people use. it's just a phone. I don't care about NFC because i don't need it or want to use it. The same way i don't care about a calender app or icloud sync, because i don't use it. That you think i need to be told what to like shows exactly the person you really are. The sort who is worried about what others think and is trying to prove they they are hip by not liking apple. I know this is some nerd fanboy thing but get over yourselves. You're not special, or cool, or any better then anyone else. You're just fool who get's his panties in a bunch inbetween games of Call of Duty over a random person's comments about tech. And the reality is most people don't care about it cause they've never heard of it and that's what matters: most people not you. No you're opinions aren't the majority and they don't matter. Truth hurts.
  • Couple of facts
    the iPhone4, 4S and 5 are awesome phones.
    The Droid Razr Maxx and Galaxy S3 are great phones too.
    Android and Apples competition makes both work harder to impress the customer,
    End result, Competition is good, WE WIN EITHER WAY. I gave my wife my iPhone4 I picked up a Galaxy S3 for myself.
    Samsung needs to make their items a little more original, as the S3 has a few things that look exactly like iPhone screens. (sound recorder as an example) Competition is good, if Samsung wasnt trying to eat Apple's lunch, Apple would rest on its laurels and we would get a bland phone. I remember when the Motorola Q was going to be a 'blackberry killer" and when the BB Storm was going to be an iPhone killer.
    This is a great time to be in the smartphone market, so many great options to pick. I loved apple for its stability, I love the samsung for screen size.
  • I don't think apple's goal is to impress the customer. I think that's Samsung's goal, apple just wants to make the most advanced and innovative device which in turn does impress the customer. All apple needs now is to update their iOS and I think the competition would be over. A fresh new look won't be bad I think.
  • I think one thing that separates Apple from others is their axiom of innovation. They don't always hit the mark, but the philosophy is what drives this company. Everyone else seems to focus on the competition and especially the iPhone. Apple functions as if no other device exists. It's how they market and how they brainstorm. Innovation as culture.
  • All fanboys like to think their phone company is actually working towards some high and noble cause instead of trying to suck every penny from the stupid. Apple definitely does it better... Selling to the stupid that is.
  • Look in the mirror dip stick.
  • They strive to make the most advanced device possible yet neglect NFC on their latest flagship. Sorry - wrong.
  • This is essentially the same thing as I'm a Mac and I'm a PC commercials that we were forced to endure for years. Some how I can't really get worked up about it.
  • It is an ad. From the way it is getting under some of your skins, it may be effective. Big Apple shareholder here but Galaxy S III user. I appreciate all the love towards Apple products! My college aged daughter still loves iphone though, so they get some of my $$$ every year! Competition is good for all!
  • Yeah, it doesn't take a genius to buy an iPhone ... or any retail product for that matter. I own a boatload of different mobile handsets for testing apps on numerous platforms - so as a owner of many devices, I can certainly compare and contrast them in terms of capability, flexibility, utility, quality and more. That said, I am not impressed by Samsung's handheld products. Yeah, I know that they closely emulate Apple... but they do without thought. It is one thing to copy with a purpose to "meet or exceed". Samsung merely copies to simulate, and never ends up with the same polish or quality. Maybe I'm no genius. Then again, I am quite sure I'm smarter at this stuff than any dweeb at any ad agency. I also owned a Samsung P&S camera - my worst purchase ever. And a Samsung laser printer. Also a bad purchase (failed after 15 months).
  • yeah - our Samsung TV and DVD/Blue Ray are really fancy, but they have cr*p software, so they just don't run that well. The Blue Ray player won't run a lot of DVD's. Then the TV turns itself off if the DVD won't open, because of no! And supposedly they are made for each other. Think I'll buy another Samsung?
  • As expected. Stupid people can't operate TV sets and Blu-Ray players.
  • Again, look in the mirror. What a effen troll. Dude, no better place to spend your valuable minutes on this earth?
  • Gee, that's an intelligent argument. If the product just doesn't work, blame the consumer! Process: put DVD in Samsung BlueRay/DVD player. Should start up Samsung TV and start playing automatically, because they are models that are supposed to do that. Only works about half the time with DVD's. FAIL I on the other hand, among other things, operate on people. Real people. So find something better to do than hang out on an intelligent forum, Sammy-Genius. I shouldn't be too hard on Android fans, though. Wouldn't want to discourage them from buying my wife's HTC on eBay now that she gets my 4S since I'm getting a 5! While they close Force Closes, we'll be Face Timing.
  • I actually thought it was funny. Esp the part about "totally different plug". But if you think about, even Apple has insulted the intelligence of its consumers. If it is so simple, a baby could use their products, then do they consider us, the consumer, infants? What about their last tv ads with the Apple Genius? If Apple's products so simple, then why do we need a Apple Genius around us all the time? I like my Apple devices as much as the next guy but the decisions companies make on marketing, not just Apple and Samsung, are not perfect and can often be misconstrued.
  • Meh, it's a good ad. Not sure what all this "insults geniuses, customer's intelligence" is all about. The irony is that the only thing insulting here is the title of this post. I personally prefer Apple's polish and ecosystem because they align more with my situation, but I don't see anything wrong with this ad. OF COURSE, Samsung is going to be biased in their ads. Advertising has always been about casting a better light on your product vs the competition. Apple does the same thing (overtly in the old mac/pc commercials people have already mentioned, and more subtly with phrases like "magical"). Carriers do it, manufacturers do it; I can't think of a single industry where this is not done. It's the norm. Why pretend Samsung is doing something so unheard of that it becomes insulting?
  • I have an iphone. I like Samsung. but for those making the sales jab, many more models of Samsung are there compared to iPhone? my mom, and many like her, still by flip phones. sales don't equal a better phone, dum dum. nickelback isn't a better band just because they sell records.
  • That ad is stupid. just because the g3 has more ram and faster processor, doesn't mean anything. It proves that Android platform has to have better specs just to mach the iPhone's speed and performance that have lower specs.
    Android needs to get in the game with better software.
    It is all about how it runs. In this case, iPhone works better for ME.
  • Not so stupid. iPhone works better for ME as well. But, as an example, I have a friend who's main "feature" is the amount of storage. She has a large music collection and refuses to use the cloud (she doesn't like the data costs). So for her, the "up to 96GB" of storage is a critical feature. She also prefers the larger screen on the g3 (surprising to me since most women I encounter seem to alway prefer smaller screens). Anyway, for her, the g3 is the better device based on what's important to her. This ad would probably be deemed "helpful" to her.
  • Androids have to have quad cores and faster procs; the OS drags it down so much they are sloths otherwise. Try getting a mid-range Android instead of a cutting edge, and feel the freeze!
  • In the words of the guy from Taken............. "GOOD LUCK" "GOOD LUCK" "GOOD LUCK"
  • You Don't remember me, dont you?
    I told you I'll find you
  • I think I will go to android websites and troll the crap out of their forums, just like they do with us.
  • Good luck with that.
  • Lmao.... What a beautiful ad. "totally different plug" lol
  • So my comments get erased because the queen doesn't like it?? Iol Android Central here I come.
  • We won't miss you.
  • I have noticed that as well... Georgia always seems to delete my comments as well....
  • Of course it is a totally different plug, until Shamsung copies it of course. But they are never influenced by Apple......whatever. And please go to Android Central and drool with your comrades over Shamsung's latest "innovations."
  • Last time I checked Samsung does not make the Android OS, only the cheap hardware that runs a feature rich OS. When you compare the exceptional hardware, ease of use and iOS echo system, for most average users the iPhone is probable the best tech experience hands down.
  • Lol why do people get so offended over a bloody phone.. Guess what people of course Samsung is going to be biased towards there own phone in there own ad... Just like every other company in the world... They try to make there products look better... Nothing in those list are lies... If Samsung were lying then that's something to get angry about... Some people like Iphones some some people like galaxies each to there own cause there is no perfect phone for everyone, if that was the case then everyone would be using the same phone but fan boys and girls of apple, Samsung etc guess what we are not all the same, we actually are different to one another I know shock right.. Oh yeah I have a s3 and it's perfect for me but I know for some it will be too big and is someone prefers an iPhone 5 over a s3 then good for them, it doesn't hurt me that someone prefers the Iphone over my s3 in the same way people shouldn't be bothered if they prefer an s3 over the Iphone 5 cause they are long with many phones are great phones.. Anyone who thinks the s3 looks like an iPhone or copied the Iphone 5 please make sure you have your glasses on.. Iphone 5 is all straight to lines and all flat where as the s3 is all bout being round and smooth and has no flat or straight surfaces minus the screen obviously... Just thought I'd mention this as there are some silly people claiming the s3 copied the Iphone 5 even though the s3 came out 5 months before the Iphone 5...Anyways cheers people remember these are only phones not our children that we need to defend it till the day we die lol enjoy your Iphones and galaxies and lumias etc
  • I agree with you, you use what ever makes you comfortable , iphone , motorola, HTC ... whatever Personally, I was happy for Samsung for coming up with their own design language for the S3, but its not my taste & im fine with that .. One of my problems with Samsung, is their stupid ads & commercials when they show users of iOS as idiots (No offense) , that kind of campaigns pisses me off for some reason. Personally, I think the white SGS III looks like a '91 Chevy Caprice , I dont why though! A quick disclaimer : im Android user
  • So, Samsung compared the hardware of iphone against the Entire SGS III (both software & hardware)
    They love to insult users of iOS ... im not iOS user, but still as Android user Im offended by Samsung ads ...
    Thats low Samsung ... even for you
  • The iPhone has a bunch of features to match S3, they just left them out so that the S3's list looks longer and looks better in the ad. That's like Burger King making a comparison list with McDonalds and then leaving half of McDonald's menu out of the list. They're really retarded if they think this is gonna fly with customers. Even the biggest idiot can see what they're trying to do.
  • Yes, even the biggest idiot can see what they are trying to do, which is market their phone. Kinda like even the biggest idiot can see what Apple is trying to do when they repeatedly call their products beautiful and magical without releasing detailed specs. It's marketing, get over it.
  • The add is funny yes, but it doesn't do the iPhone any justice with all the specified s3 features but no specific iPhone features which isn't fair. I have both the s3 and the iphone 4s and to tell you the truth, I only pick up my s3 to use the app store to download music because of all the free download apps there are. To me the iPhone just moves a lot more smoother and feels less bloated than an android phone. The s3 does look great and is pretty fast also but I don't know what it is exactly that puls me to the iPhone more. Things just look and feel more unified and seamless. Plus Siri kicks the shit out of S Voice not to mention iCloud is pretty damn awesome. I play infiniti blade on my phone and pick up my save game on my iPad. I save bookmarks on my computer and they are instantly transferred to my iPhone. (I have a PC not a mac) I'm not a fan boy of either platform, I just use whats more comfortable for me and as of right now the iPhone wins in that category, but when it comes to free or try b4 I buy, Android Play store all the way.
  • You are the only one here to have both devices and your opinion has a lot of weight. Now all you need to do is to try out a Nokia Lumia or Note at gizmotakeout or rent a cell and then you become a reviewer. Congrats
  • Everyone needs to calm down. Putting down others doesn't prove your point. If you like Android more, so be it, if you like iPhone, so be it. You don't need to shout at everyone else. Be the bigger person.
  • Samsung: still #1 iPhone hater in the world. By far.
  • What iPhone specific features are we looking for? Let's be honest... What does Apple have that compares? They kind of stopped progressing. They are insulting the consumers intelligence by releasing this phone. Yet millions still buy it. You allow apple to release minimal upgrades and you still purchase their products. The 4 to the 4s? Now the 4S to the 5?When do we force th to innovate? Just wondering...
  • theres only so much you can cram into a phone while still trying to maintain decent battery life weight and size. All these damn phones do the same thing, Just pick the one u like best and use it. Point blank
  • How is Samsung innovating?
  • How has anything apple did with the Iphone 5 innovating. It's not. 4in screen, email attachments, lightning adaptor? Lol
  • The thing people dont realize is that the iPhone is like a series...lets say a TV series, same principle, plot, characters. Some characters get killed off, some get added, some get improved, but its basically the same concept throughout the years. The original iPhone was innovation. It came out with a great OS that has been basic format for other smartphones to follow. You cant deny that. Its easy for other phones to pass in certain aspects when there are ton of different brands coming out with new phones every month. Apple spends time perfecting the OS so it works very well. Thats where Android falls short. IMO
  • This is so messy, leave this kinda crap for the political campaigns.
  • if this ad is true, to see samsung aiming directly at apple is really immature and stupid.
  • As immature and stupid as iSheep aiming and hating directly on Samsung.
  • Hey immature and stupid as the isheep reference. It's old, tired and weak. But I do like Shamsung, fits the bill. BTW...when are you gonna leave?
  • Too late, I already pre-ordered an iPhone 5 :)
  • You guys are all brainwashed. A new phone with a larger screen and a new maps app is not good enough in this market. Samsung have every right to compare it, they know Apple have flopped so why not rub it in
  • Because it's pointless and nobody will see this ad and say "They're right! I'm gonna get an S3." If you want an iPhone, you'll get one. If you want the S3, you'll get one. Seems like Samsung is going the way of politicians and using attack ads.
  • what does samsung had that no other top line android phone hasnt? only thing different is just the UI
  • I don't know; the dingy white plastic case that seems to covalently bond dirty smudges is something I haven't seen on other phones yet. Makes them easy to pick out in a crowd, lol!
    (I'm not knocking that phone; I just hope their owners are more satisfied with them than I was with my Epic 4G, or I am with my 4S)
  • And lets think... Scamsung didn't even make the damn UI!!!
  • Samsung is wasting their time. Doesn't take a genius to figure out the better choice, yet retards will still make the wrong choice. Judging by the 99% of peasants in their shiity jobs and homes and their protest against the 1%, the world is made up of retards.
  • Haven't read ALL the comments here, but... Really? The ad is literally saying that smart people DON'T buy the Galaxy s3. Geniuses ignore it. "If you are average, buy this phone" the ad might as well say. I'm not saying that's true, and I think the Galaxy S3 is a fine phone, but c'mon Samsung. Can't we all just get along? There's enough marketshare for more than one smartphone in the world. There can be more than one "winner."
  • OK, now most people just have not had a Galaxy S3 in their hands and spent some time with it. My recommendation is to go to a gadget rental site like gizmotakeout or rentacell or rent a mobile and rent one please. Then you can judge. I think both the eco systems are great.
  • There is a saying "quality not quantity" Samsung. Yes you might have more features one of them mainly being cheap plastic. I know this because I got an s3 then went back to iPhone 4s. Come on the s3 is newer and the iPhone 4 is still better quality get with it or get gone.
  • I like how they state the iPhone has 1G of ram when its not a publicly known fact!
  • what most people dont notice samsung took three different features from three totally different S3 and add them like its one phone, the LTE verson of the S3 is only 200hrs stanby not 790 as they claimed when in fact its the international quad core S3 3g none LTE version has the up 790hrs standby time and for this to happen u have to not use the phone whats so ever and turn off all gyro, accerlometer and put it in flight mode so u can compare on gsmarna if you dont believe me.
  • You can sit here and do this same comparison on other phones (android or windows). It really does not matter to most people (average consumer). There average consumer never uses every single feature on a phone. If the phone suits your needs based on what you want then that is the one you purchase. Galaxy S III may have more features...but so what! At the end of the day who really cares. Having more features does not always means better. This stuff only matters to techies like us. Most believe in simplicity and not complexity. Which phone is easy to use and looks good is what most people gravitate to you. Features do matter somewhat and I understand that but if Samsung did do this, its in poor taste in my opinion. Just market your phone for what it does and let the consumer decide.
  • It's sad that Samsung has to resort to ignorance and flawed arguments because they feel threatened by Apple. All there are doing is listing unique features of their phone and ignoring the unique features of the iphone.
  • Who cares who made what first... that argument is so tired. Buy what you like best. And the Ferrari comparison sucks.
  • iPhone 5>gs3
  • Well that is certainly a much more convincing argument than the ad. Well done.
  • Lmfao
  • That ad is absolutely brilliant. The truth hurts.
  • The original iPhone changed the way people view their cellular devices. Steve Jobs was a gifted individual. The next 3 iPhones improved on his vision. The 4S brought dual core and Siri. The Iphone 5 however... Goes against Steve Jobs' vision of the "Perfect size", phone for the human hand.. Consumers expect to be wow'ed by iPhone releases and the last 2 most of the population was disappointed. Not to say ppl don't run out and buy their product anyway, but they expect more from the tyrant. The further we move on from Steve Jobs' death the more of a decline there will be in Apple's innovation. They will be playing catchup and not their former role of leader.
  • I wonder if Georgia had the same opinion of the Mac vs PC ads apple ran some years back. I don't know but I hope so. It seems like whenever Apple does something like the Mac vs PC ads its ok, but when someone like Samsung does the same its tasteless and they should be ashamed of themselves. and before any fanboy starts to type their bs, I own apple products including iOS products. its just this bias that bothers me.
  • There's no comparison, apple makes innovative quality products that everyone can't afford and Samsung fills that gap with its plastic knockoffs with EVERY feature imaginable whether they're necessary or even used. Iphones, Ipads & Macs do everything they need to do flawlessly, they're classy, they're sexy and they'll ALWAYS be the touch product that every other knock off will be compared to. Now you Android folks need to go get your 2 for the price of 1 plastic gaudy portable arcade gadgets and move along
  • You sound more like you're describing your girlfriend than you're talking about your phone... And I suggest you stop talking about plastic to avoid being considered a human parrot. Why don't you guys just admit it, that you don't really know why you like apple products? Why defend with logical fallacies?
  • Probably fake, but its funny either way. Some of the specs listed for the S3 wouldnt be considered selling points. No one is saying I cant wait to get my S3 so i can "shake to update" or "turn over to mute." It really is all about personal preference, but I dont think a bigger screen means better phone.