iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S3: Which phone should you get?

Android is the most popular smartphone platform on the planet, Samsung is the most popular Android manufacturer, and the Galaxy S3 is almost certainly going to be the most popular Android phone this year. And the iPhone 5 is going to be one of the most popular phones, period. So, that means anyone looking to buy a new phone for the next year will likely end up trying to decide between the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Apple's iPhone 5. The good news is, both are phenomenal devices. The bad news is, that makes the choice especially tough. Our Mobile Nations sibling site, Android Central has already given you their take. Here's mine.

iPhone 5 vs. Galaxy S3: Hardware

I'm not wild about Samsung hardware. I'll state that bias right up front. When it comes to Android, I far prefer the build and material quality of HTC to Samsung. Likewise the LCD to SAMOLED PenTile display. That said, Samsung has been improving year after year, generation after generation. It's still not at the level of HTC, much less Apple or Nokia, but it's better. Apple's fit and finish is still out of this world. At roughly 20% thinner and lighter than the iPhone 4S, the iPhone 5's glass and aluminum monolith, from design to construction, simply outclasses Samsung's plastic river stone.

Build aside, however, Samsung continues to jam a breathtaking amount of specs into their flagship line. While the Galaxy S3 screen remains PenTile, it's also HUGE. 4.8-inches, 1280x720 huge to be precise. That absolutely dwarf's even the iPhone 5's newly expanded 4-inch, 1136 x 640 screen. The iPhone 5's IPS in-cell display looks better and at 326 ppi than the Galaxy S3's 306 ppi, and is insignificantly sharper, but overall size does matter. Unless you really want a screen you can use one handed, or you have tiny hipster jean pockets, or you really care about pixel-perfect graphics, Samsung's bigger is bigger. (You might even be able to skip a Nexus 7 if you buy a Galaxy S3 -- it's seriously, luxuriously, big.)

When it comes to performance, it's difficult to compare Apples to Samsungs. The iPhone 5 has the brand new Apple A6 processor, which they simply cite as being twice as fast as last year's Apple A5. Apple has a huge advantage in that they tailor make their own unique software for their own exactly matched hardware. Body and soul in one device. Samsung has to fit Google's generic software to their specific hardware. Hand at the wheel. The Apple A6 is Apple's first custom chipset with a dual-core ARM v7s based processor and triple-core PowerVR graphics chip. That's a big deal. To geeks. For everyone else, Samsung's 1.4GHz Exynos quad-core monster will likely be every bit as impressive. Tie.

Apple has a higher built-in storage option, at 64GB to Samsung's 32GB, but Samsung lets you put in up to 64GB of extra, micro SDHC storage. There are some cons to removable media, but not enough to stop me from giving Samsung the edge there.

Both the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 have aGPS and GLONASS. Both go up to 802.11n Wi-Fi at 5GHz and Bluetooth 4.0. Both can support ultra-fast 4G LTE. Apple can't do simultaneous voice and data over LTE, so if you're on AT&T/GSM, you'll drop down to still fast DC-HSPA+. If you're on Verizon or Sprint, however, you'll be offline (unless you're on Wi-Fi), just like the pre-LTE days. If you use a lot of simultaneous voice and data on Verizon or Sprint now, like looking things up on the web while talking on the phone, Samsung has the advantage. The Galaxy S3 also has NFC, which is a checkbox in its favor to be sure, but only if you frequently have a mobile payment system, check in system, or other NFC-enabled Android devices to work with. Still, winning.

Samsung had a dud of a camera in the Galaxy Nexus, but made everything right in the Android world again with the glass in the Galaxy S3. It's 8 megapixel, f2.6 shooter looked almost, if not exactly as good as the iPhone 4S' 8 megapixel, f2.4 lens. We'll have to wait and see what, if any, pure photon enhancements the iPhone 5 camera offers over the 4S before we can decide this one, but once you factor in software and apps, it'll almost certainly be too close for any mainstream shopper to call.

So when it comes to hardware, the story is pretty much what it always is with Apple and Samsung: Apple wins on design, manufacturing, and elegance, and Samsung wins on size, power, and quantity of specs.

iPhone 5 vs. Galaxy S3: Software

iOS vs. Android is almost a cliche at this point. To take just one example, Apple's personal digital assistant, Siri, has a funner, better personality, and is tied into some helpful apps and services, but Google Now is being more aggressive when it comes to context awareness and predictive behavior than Apple. Siri will do what you tell it. Google Now will try to figure out what to do before you tell it.

But here's the thing -- the Galaxy S3 didn't ship with Google Now because it was released before Android 4.1 Jelly Bean hit the market, and Samsung included their own S Voice instead. When Apple releases a new OS, every compatible iPhone gets it the same day. When Google releases a new OS, it can take weeks, months, or an eternity for you to get it, depending on the manufacturer and the carrier. Buy an iPhone 5 with iOS 6 this week, and you'll get iOS 7 day and date next year. Buy a Galaxy S3 this week and it's even odds when, if ever, you'll get next year's version of Android. That may not matter to you -- your phone will keep working the same then as it does now.

If you like the idea of consistent, dependable software updates, Apple has the edge over Samsung. (As do Android Nexus devices with "pure Google" experiences like the Galaxy Nexus.)

Apple is also leading the charge on accessibility features for users with special needs. You don't need to be able to see or hear, for example, to get considerable value from an iPhone. Aside from that, both Apple's Safari and Google Browser/Chrome will get you to your web pages. Both the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S3 have email programs so you can get your messages. Both have a myriad ways to listen to music, watch videos, and do everything else you'd expect a modern mobile computing platform to do. iOS 6 on the iPhone 5, however, is one thing. The software on the Galaxy S3 is two. It's Android 4.0 Ice Creme Sandwich on its way to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean at the core, but the frosting is all Samsung's own TouchWiz interface. For some people, that's an easier, friendlier blessing that enhances the Android experience. For others, it's a blight they dearly wished Samsung would spare them by simply going stock.

The thing about most Android phones, however, is that you can customize and change it far, far beyond what Apple allows with iOS. Sure you can almost always root Android and jailbreak iOS, but you can do more, and more easily, with the Galaxy S3 than you'll be able to do with the iPhone 5, and for a while still. That includes everything from widgets for easy, glanceable information, to different keyboards to adjust your typing experience.

So software is a similar story to hardware. Apple writes better code and creates more cohesive, consistent user experiences than Google. But Google makes code that does more things and is more customizable than Apple. Argue that all you want, but at the end of the day iOS in invariably smoother, more intuitive, more up-to-date, and more pixel perfect than Android, yet just as invariably misses out on a lot of features Android gets early and gets stock. If you want something that's accessible and just works, iOS has the advantage. If you want something configurable that just works the way you want it to, Android wins.

iPhone 5 vs. Galaxy S3: Services

When it comes to services that bring the internet fully to your phone, Apple has iCloud, which includes iTunes in the Cloud, iTunes Match, Photo Stream, Documents in the Cloud, Find my iPhone, Find my Friends, and more. As a service goes, it's... serviceable. It backs up and syncs your data and gives you access to all of the your iTunes content. But Apple is still new to the cloud and they aren't as strong at it as they are hardware and software. At least not yet.

Google was born in the cloud. They're the biggest cloud services provider in the world. Android, in many ways, is a localized front end for Google's cloud. Now the localized part traditionally wasn't as good as Apple -- they just chucked web pages inside of apps -- but Google has been getting better code as well. Now their services not only work well, but look good and perform far better than ever before.

The twist here is that you can get almost every single Google service on the iPhone 5 that you can get on the Galaxy S3. Now, Android has by far -- by far! -- the better Google integration of course, but the iPhone has a surprising amount as well. From Gmail to Google+ to YouTube to Voice Search to Drive, Google has a full, robust, and increasingly good set of offerings available in Apple's App Store. (For reasons that involve the difference in business models between Apple and Google.) Samsung does add some of their own services on the Galaxy S3, for example S Voice (their version of Apple's Siri), but they tend not to be as good as Google's.

So, going with the Galaxy S3, you get almost the best Google can offer (tainted only slightly by Samsung), but nothing from Apple. Going with the iPhone 5, you get everything Apple and almost everything Google, so I'm tempted to make this category close to a tie. But there's one more kind of service -- customer service.

The Apple Store is unmatched. From buying your iPhone 5, to being taught how to use it, to easily getting help with it when something goes wrong, Apple has hundreds of stores in dozens of countries. If you live anywhere near an Apple Store and your iPhone 5 stops working, you can go in and get it fixed, or get it swapped out for a replacement, in a matter of hours. With the Galaxy S3, all you'll have is lost time and patience as you wait for 3rd parties or the postal system.

Thanks to the Apple Store and iCloud, I've literally walked in with a damaged iPhone and walked out with a new phone with all my data and content wirelessly synced back to it in less than an hour. In that regard, no one yet comes close to Apple and the iPhone.

iPhone 5 vs. Galaxy S3: Content

Apple has a tremendous advantage when it comes to content. iTunes started earlier and is now in more countries and provides more content than anyone else on the planet. Moreover, like with the services above, even if you don't like iTunes books, movies, TV shows, etc., you can also get Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, and all the other content companies right on your iPhone.

Google provides a lot of its own content now with Google Play, and Samsung fills in a lot with Samsung Hub, and you have access to enough third party content that there's no real difference. If you live in the U.S., you're almost certainly good to go. If you live outside the U.S. it can literally be the difference between being able to get legitimate content onto your phone and not (if that matters to you).

When it comes to apps Apple used to win by default based on the sheer magnitude of numbers. That's still true for tablets, but not for phones. The Google Play Store has hundreds of thousands of apps, just like Apple's App Store, including just about every big name app and game you can think of.

Apple has also become slightly more open over time, and Android apps have become much better looking and better working. You can still knock Apple for being more controlling, both in terms of what apps you can get and how those apps can interact with each other (or not), but for some users the simplicity and security of that model trumps any neck-bearded annoyance.

Now, if you already have an iPhone or iPod touch or iPad, and a lot of iOS apps that work on the iPhone, or if you've already bought a lot of iTunes media, that can make it easier and cheaper to stick with Apple. Likewise, if you already have a lot of content from Google Play, you'll find it easier to stick with Android.

Otherwise, if you're in the U.S., you're good to go with either, and if you're outside the U.S. and really care about buying your media, check and see what's available, but Apple and the iPhone 5 is your safer bet.

iPhone 5 vs. Galaxy S3: Bottom line

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Like I said at the beginning, we're well past the days of obvious and easy disparities in devices. Things are more balanced and more nuanced now. And that's a very good thing for consumers. Apple's iPhone 5 and Samsung's Galaxy S 3 are both among the very best phones ever made and you'll be well served by either one.

Samsung offers things that the iPhone 5 just doesn't provide, including a much larger screen, NFC, widgets, and other customizations, DLNA support, etc., Those are important differences, make no mistake, so weigh them carefully. The Galaxy S3 is an absolute beast. If any of those things matter to you, or you just plain prefer Google and Samsung to Apple, get the Galaxy S3.

Otherwise get the sleekest, slimmest, easiest to use, most mainstream friendly, most content rich, most well supported phone in the industry -- the iPhone 5.

Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie is one of the most respected Apple analysts in the business, reaching a combined audience of over 40 million readers a month. His YouTube channel, Vector, has over 90 thousand subscribers and 14 million views and his podcasts, including Debug, have been downloaded over 20 million times. He also regularly co-hosts MacBreak Weekly for the TWiT network and co-hosted CES Live! and Talk Mobile. Based in Montreal, Rene is a former director of product marketing, web developer, and graphic designer. He's authored several books and appeared on numerous television and radio segments to discuss Apple and the technology industry. When not working, he likes to cook, grapple, and spend time with his friends and family.

  • your bias isn't showing, I promise!
  • Bias is funny. Just because there's bias doesn't mean there also isn't truth. For example, I'm sure you'd prefer a tasty beverage on a hot day to a hammer upside the head. So you're biased against the hammer concussion (and I am too) but that doesn't make it an unreasonable bias. For my mom or sister, they're still better off with an iPhone. For Jerry Hildenbrand, he's better off with a Galaxy S III, and even better off with a Galaxy Nexus. These are personal preferences and decisions, and that's ultimately always about reasonable bias.
  • I didn't say you couldn't have a bias, I simply said sarcastically that it isn't showing. You were writing a piece where bias isn't supposed to be present(at least to make a fully sound argument) and the article does a nice job of being balanced until that last sentence, which is chock full of opinions and inflated bias.
  • Thanks!
  • yeah, I agree. I thought this article was great, and your comparison is dead on.
  • I think it was a good, balanced article aimed at mainstream consumers. Well done.
  • I've been reading both sides and is article is much less full of bias than anything I've read from the android blogs. I mean android central puts every phone over the iPhone 5 even the Razr HD. This was very balanced and fair.
  • It's nice writing, I can see you are IPhone guy, which is nothing wrong with that. I agree with you it is just personal choice. I am Android guy, the reason for that, I don't like the Apple control things.
  • Rene.. I have question for you as editor without been bias! If someone ask you which for you prefer IPHONE 5 or SGS3, which one you would pick?
  • that's simple , without the iphone , he would have to find another job , like Kevin from Crackberry.com.
    I'm gonna tell the truth , I own several IOS products . and one Galaxy Nexus . And I have to say , The S3 will cook the iPhone 5 . And that's not a bias opinion , " Men lie , Women lie, but numbers dont "
    i feel so limited with my ipad , and ipod touches . Although , I do say Apple makes the best tablet . But it could not be my phone . They also make the best all in ones , ultra books , and laptops , hands down .I can openly admit that , although i cant stand the company and 97.8% of their fans
  • "Apple's personal digital assistant, Siri, for example, has a funner, better personality, and is tied into some helpful apps and services," When it works. High percentage of WTF moments when trying to use Siri. Feels like its still in beta.
  • iOS 6 Siri has been working wonderfully well for me.
  • Same here. I can't live without Siri. I use it all the time! Always amazed at how well it works!
  • I have no problems with Siri.
  • Well by golly if 3 posters on a blog site aren't having issues it must be me.
  • Make that four, and I am using in in iOS 5, not 6.
  • Boom! That last sentence is killer! It was a good read.
  • Rene..... Did I just read the most unbiased article by you?! This was actually a very great read. It was informative and very accurate. You still showed your love for Apple, but not in an over zealous or annoying way. I'll be honest: I loved this article! Im getting the iPhone 5 even though I'm a Android fan and had no intention of looking at the S3. Reading your piece almost had me reconsidering that decision. That's excellent writing. Thank you.
  • ^this
  • This is probably the most even argument for both sides that explains not just S3 vs. iPhone 5, but iOS vs. Android for the normal consumer. Definitely going to share this.
  • Nice artical. I wonder if Android Central will link to it?
  • Personally id pick neither and go for a Nokia Lumia 920... Apple iPhone certainly whips WP8 in terms of ecosystem however hopefully when Windows 8, WP8 and Xbox integration, that should be addressed *fingers crossed*
  • Excellent article!
    I prefer the sleekest, slimmest, easiest to use, most mainstream friendly, most content rich, most well supported phone in the industry: the iPhone 5
  • It's hard to tell who the audience is for this article. Mainstream? Anyway, I'm glad you touched on support. Walking into an apple store and out with a new replacement ready to go is priceless and not with much hassle as a carrier store usually gives you. When I get a computer or smart device, I look at the OS and the company that makes it for support. Anyone else that provides an app or service preinstalled is considered unwanted bloatware to me. And that's where Samsung gets in the way. For much the same reason I wouldn't buy an HP PC loaded with HP bloatware, I won't buy a bloated smart device done the same way from a 3rd party. The iphone is designed around iOS. iOS is designed just for the iphone. You can't get that with android. Iphone users get updates directly and asap. The closest thing is the Nexus that Google designates it's premier google experience brand. That's basically all I need to know. It's the same reason i don't care for Nokia/Windows. I don't want Nokia music. I don't want maps from Nokia. I'd want them from Microsoft. I'd buy for WP8, not because it's Nokia. I started out with PalmOS and switched to iphone later. I made stops along the way trying an HTC windows mobile phone for example and it was a mess with HTC bloatware. It always is when the OS maker doesn't design the hardware. You could make the case for Palm and webOS not working out but the idea behind it was solid for Palm wanting control over both OS & hardware.
  • Yeah, our buyers guide articles are all intended for mainstream audiences. The geeks tend to argue this stuff to death without much help from us :)
  • Apologies for the threadjack, but my-soon-to-arrive iPhone 5 is the first one I purchased through the carrier, not the Apple store. Is there any difference in support treatment there, i.e. will the Apple Store people simply tell me to take it to AT&T? (shudder)
  • No. It's still an Apple product. Any hardware or software issues you can take straight to Apple and they'll treat you like gold.
  • Outstanding take. Nuff said.
  • Awesome read Rene as always. Wish I could get an iPhone 5, but sadly I am going to have to wait till next year.
  • Well written comparison with useful information. I will admit outright that I agree completely with the last sentence. The iPhone is what I recommend for most of my friends and family, and that's a highly educated group. When busy, productive people need a mobile device that works without fiddle factor, the iPhone is highly functional but almost transparent. It doesn't get in the way of getting things done. Those who clearly prefer android, in my little sampling, want to fiddle or rely on a specific android feature like fully integrated google voice. The other thing that android offers is a huge diversity of size, shape, and price. That's a big deal. But as much as I love the iPhone, I would buy the S3 in a heartbeat, but for one thing -- it's not a nexus device and lacks that direct connection to the good people at google who make and continue to refine and improve android. I don't want Samsung's we're-not-google-or-microsoft-or-htc-or-lg-or-(fill in the blank) skin (complete with sellout carrier bloatware), and although I could have a blast with custom ROMs, I don't have the time to play that game. Custom ROMs always have some issue here and there, and the customization enhancements are often negated by not having the latest drivers or carrier-based firmware. Gain A, lose B. And the iterative try this, try that feedback loop makes the devices anything but transparent technology for functional use. They become their own adventure in technology, and I don't have the time. Or more accurately, I have better uses for my time. So if I love the iPhone, why would I buy an S3 in Nexus clothing? Ecosystems are increasingly closing around users. Companies want to bring us in and keep us. This may be a flawed approach, but I want to keep my ecosystem feet on the boundaries. I want to sample the best of each. And I want to keep myself from making assumptions about what is best based on the simple fact that I'm only using one state-of-the-art device in one delightful but fenced ecosystem.
  • One quibble - to be fair, in the services section, you should credit Android for having better integrations with Google services. iOS may be able to check the box that it supports gmail, for example, but the gmail experience is much, much better on their side of the fence. (Though I do love my Sparrow.) For a site that constantly and justifiably harps on user experience over specs and checkboxes, it is a bit odd not to see the same standard applied when the benefit would go the other way. I couldn't agree more with your conclusions, though. They are both great phones, aimed at slightly different tastes. My wife adores her S3, and I am pretty sure I will be as happy unwapping my 64GB package on the 21st.
  • Good point, updated. And enjoy!
  • I'm soo confused now lol. On the 4s and I ordered the a 64 gb black iPhone 5, but for some reason I have been drawn toward that,darn s3! However i know I can't go wrong with iPhone. I'd hate to get an s3 and then have total buyers remorse. Good article!
  • Neither. Sorry, I'm not trolling but I don't like either of these two phones and I think that it doesn't always have to be Apple versus Samsung all the time. There's plenty of other fish in the cell phone sea.
  • That's a fair point, and as new phones come out, we'll compare them too (hey, I mentioned the One X right up front!) But it's also fair to say that the iPhone and Samsung/Galaxy S3 are the biggest sellers, and most popular options, and this will be the most asked question in consumer minds for the next several months to come.
  • Also fair points. Thanks for everything you guys do at iMore!
  • I have an iPhone 4S today but I don't want the iPhone 5 or the Samsung Galaxy 3. I want the new Nokia Lumia 920! Sorry but it just seems like a better phone will all the extra features. Besides the design, I especially like the wireless charging and that you can use the phone with your gloves on. Also Lumia's camera is supposed to be the best on the market. Add the free Nokia music and mapping service and you have a pretty strong package. Also, I checked out what you can do with Scalado - the company that Nokia bought shortly before relasing the new Lumia. Very cool! In comparison, the iPhone 5 looks a bit dated, sort of like an elongated iPhone 4 with relatively few new and exciting additions. Apple is going to have to step up their game to remain competitive. At least for now Nokia has won me over.
  • I think it's funny how people think the iPhone design is dated, my opinion but I don't think there is another phone built as good as the iPhone. Really what does it matter if it looks like last years, it looks great. Apple updates it's design a little to advance it even more. I pick up other phones and they feel really cheap not saying they don't work good but they do feel cheap and look cheap after a close look.
  • Yea, lol sure. But wireless charging is the most stupidest thing ever RIGHT NOW, since you will have to leave the phone on something, and then won't be able to use it while he is charging. If you get the nokia, I bet you will never use the wireless thingie. Put a Nokia 920 and an iPhone 5 and you will see how the design of the 5 is constantly better than the Nokia one, and even more with the build quality the 5 has. Windows phone is still a pain to use and is just a funny os, not functional IMO. But I can be wrong here. Then yes, the iPhone 5 can look outdated if you see it this way. You shouldn't. See it as the most modern piece of technology available for customers, which integrate the highest amount of innovation and design science in there. Have a nice day.
  • Both the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S III are Amazing phones, you really couldn't go wrong with either. I know people have preferences but doesn't change the fact that either one is equally efficient and useable, I really do like them both a lot. Excellent article and I think very spot on, thank you Rene. - )
  • I got SGS 3, and here are my comments: Hardware
    Whatever big processor got the SGS3, it's like the problem Windows got. Android needs to adapt every hardware, while iOS is MADE for the iPhone. That's why, like battery, it's harder to compare.
    God thanks there's a quad-core 1.4 GHz in SGS3, because it comes very bloated... Remove the bloat and flash a custom ROM, and it gets better (but not user-friendly all that...) Software
    As I said, SGS3 comes with bloated software which isn't very nice (why removing Calendar for "S Planner", how can you know that's a calendar).
    Once you remove it, Android is still an anorexic OS. No World Clock/Chronometer/Timer app, no Weather app, basic Movie Reader (in "Gallery app" ? naming again), no FaceTime (or Google Talk?), no Reminders, no Notes...
    You can add custom apps for that, but they're not user-friendly either beautiful.
    Android OS is just the basics: Contacts, Phone, Alarm and a Browser. Google Now is a joke compared to Siri. Sure it's working without asking for it. But if you don't commute, it's useless. As for services, I discovered Podcasts today thanks to iTunes (this thing doesn't exist on Android, afaik), I discovered iTunes U (so great, I'm gonna try learning Java through it). Conclusion: Android is great, I can't say it SUCKS as some says (not you Rene, but the usual comparisons). Though it's basic, and the only great things are Google Services. Gmail shared on all your devices and web, Google Reader keeping your reading list up to date, Calendar making adding appointments not a pain (remember before when you had to copy all your events on all devices, 10 times?).
    Before iCloud, it was harder for Apple (nothing sync'd), but now it's just the same, but you get iOS with it.
  • "Google Now is a joke compared to Siri". You are probably the only person in the world that thinks that! Get real.
  • Well meet another and I'm sure theres millions more. I have it on mine and it is accurate 3 out 10 times. There has also been times where it was accurate but was off on the search. I'm not saying Siri is accurate every single time but all my time using them both it's a lot better then googles.
  • Google now when I used it worked I would say 90% times and usually would get 1 or 2 words wrong due to my accent I guess as.. Honestly though I don't use it and only time I used it was to show it off to someone . personally for me the likes of siri and Google now will only be a novelty factor until they are 100% percent accurate and work with all accents.. Advantage of Google now Is though you don't always have to use voice where as with siri you do... One thing I do like is that offline voice dictation works awesome again 1 or 2 words come out wrong due to accent most likely...
  • Whats best more me is the iPhone (Personally) but for someone else can be SIII, we all have our personal pref and there is no 1 phone for all. I tried the Android phones also tried BB and Palm Pre, and for my daily life iPhone is best even though I think Palm Pre has very good under developed OS, if anyone fully invest in the webOS it can be great OS but for now iPhone is best for me, does it make it a perfect phone far from it, but for me its perfect, to someone else it is the SIII and thats the great thing about tech we all have our own pref with our own life style. Thats why you really cant compare phones cause if the SIII is great for you than thats just you not your friends or your family. Its like comparing "Apples to Oranges" no perfect phone for no perfect life. We all have what suits us best, long they keep making different phones for different life styles, we all be good. There will never be a perfect phone for all, cause we are all different people with different needs, likes and different lives. But its fun to compare, people get very up tight and defensive if someone like the SIII more than i5 or vise versa, it just crazy to get up tight and personal if someone does not agree with you. People forget these are just phones and are here to make our lives better.
  • Lol literally just wrote a similar job comment about how we all are different and no one phone is perfect for everyone etc etc good to know that there are people out there who also think like this.
  • @Rene. Very, very good article Sir. I usually can see an Apple bias in your writing, but for God's sake, you work for an Apple blog. You should be biased. I don't understand why people personally attack you. I love your articles. I visit this site and Android Central a couple times a day. I'm still an Android phone user and I am considering the GS3, but I might, just might, get the new iPhone. The article was an informative and fair comparison. Thanks for writing.
  • This. I find it amazing how so many people rag on Rene for coming off bias towards iOS products... when this is an Apple blog. My smartphone journey started with a blackberry, and was an active member at Crackberry. Once I crossed over to Android, it was the same with Android Central... and now here at iMore. Each site and bloggers for the respective sites will have some slight bias towards the devices that they are writing about. It's human nature. However, I will say that when each site does device reviews and "buyers guides" they do a really good job NOT coming off biased. It's the pure facts. I mean... when Rene says things like "the SGS3 is a beast" you know there's no bias. Long story short... great article Rene!
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 > iPhone 5 Nuff Said!
  • May I ask you why?
  • For me I like removable storage and I like to basically customise my phone to my own liking.. Personally I just don't like to be restricted.. Was an iPhone 4 user and I liked it but honestly the fact that I had to use itunes to put movies music photos etc onto the phone was a tedious experience especially when I have been use to just connecting my phone and drag and dropping(had a nokia 5800 before the Iphone).. Was waiting for a good android phone and the moment the s2 came out I jumped shipped and never been happier.. If apple gave me removable storage and drag and drop of files then I would have no issue using an iPhone. Lol I understand that itunes has great contents etc but I don't understand how people enjoy using itunes I mean what's easier than just drag and dropping which literally everyone can do.
  • For you Nuff Said!
  • Thanks for the comparative analysis, genius.
  • I ordered my 5 this morning on tmobile UK
  • Nice article, Rene.
  • Excellent article, Rene.
  • The grammar is this article is atrocious. I get that this is a blog but you shouldn't be masquerading as an editor-in-chief if you can't use the correct forms of words.
  • Really? Give me an example. Or are you just a sad little troller with nothing good to troll?
  • Ya wanna know what really pisses me off...is people that complain about "proper grammar" in blog posts. It's freakin blogging my friend and it's about the CONTENT...if you need proper grammar, than stay off the internet and go to the library...freak
  • Might I suggest this same spec. comparison from Appjudgement over at Revison3: http://revision3.com/appjudgment/iphone5-vs-galaxys3 I believe we are at a point that you select your device based on the ecosystem you live in. If you rely on tons of Google's services then Android is the way to go, Apple products or heavy iTunes users then IOS, Strictly Windows (Xbox, Windows Media Center, etc.) then maybe the Windows Phone 8, or just want a device strictly for communications as priority, then Blackberry. I think this is a great point in smart phone history.
  • Pretty good article. I mean you showed bias but hey this is kind of a iPhone blog so I cant expect it not too show, just how some one would argue that Android central showed bias in their review. You showed the things that dont show up in a stat sheet which I suppose deserves just as much credit as those that do. Good review. But I have to be honest..... that last sentence was tought to read EVEN THOUGH the rest of the article was pretty good lol.
    Once the Droid Razr Maxx HD comes out though I really would love to see a comparison. (Moto does a good job with Verizon in video demonstrations of how to use phone on the actual device and in verizon stores. Not in line with apple care maybe, but probably the closest they will come without having a dedicated store for their product)
  • "Kind of" an iPhone blog? Not to single out your comment, but all the comments on here on how unbiased or reasonably biased the article was make me laugh. It IS an iPhone/Apple blog. I expect it to be biased. Just as I expect Crackberry and Android Central to be biased towards their platforms (although I honestly don't understand the BB bias at this point). I actually think Rene usually does a pretty good job at being unbiased in a lot of his articles, and he just puts biased, throwaway comments in them because hey, he's an Apple fan! Shocking, I know! Keep up the good work, Rene.
  • I'm ready to get iOS 6 on my iPhone 4S already... hurry up September 19!
  • This is one of the best reviews i have read so far when it comes to compare the two big players in the market right now. Excellent.
  • Definitely a good comparison. I'm not a big fan of the S3 at all though. I don't like the massive phones, the 2 gigs of RAM is nice however. It takes a lot for an Android to impress me, and right now I think the best Android device out is the new Droid Razr M. Normally if my customers want a reliable smartphone and are on the fence, obviously I'm going to direct them to the iPhone, but if a customer knows that they for sure want an Android, I'm going to bring out the Razr M.
  • RAZR m even though it hasn't got an hd screen looks like a good phone... Has all the high end spec minus screen but for the average Joe am guessing they don't care about the screen as much as we do... Got to give Motorola som credit for making a 4.3" screen device in a small package... The RAZR M is pretty much same size as the Iphone 5 which has a 4" screen. I think it's like a 1mm wider and less then a mm thicker.
  • you're right bitches.
  • Be sure they are
  • Good read Rene. I upgraded to a SGS3 and returned it after 4 days. The SGS3 is a great phone for the right person. My problem was I wanted a phone with more customization and bigger screen but what I got was definitely a bigger screen but the customization excitement only last for a few days for me. In just 4 days I was missing the simplistic feel of iOS and the security of iOS. The SGS3 and OS felt polished but not enough where I would choose it over iOS.
  • Good read Rene. I upgraded to a SGS3 and returned it after 4 days. The SGS3 is a great phone for the right person. My problem was I wanted a phone with more customization and bigger screen but what I got was definitely a bigger screen but the customization excitement only last for a few days for me. In just 4 days I was missing the simplistic feel of iOS and the security of iOS. The SGS3 and OS felt polished but not enough where I would choose it over iOS.
  • Lol you should have put the Iphone launcher.. Am guessing you would like the miui rom if you liked the larger screen of s3 etc but prefers the simplistic layout of ios.
  • GREAT report there Rene, thank you. :)
  • There seem to be two schools of thought around smartphones: Apple's goal with the iPhone is to make it the most usable, most compact, and lightest smartphone. Android phone manufacturers seem to be going in the opposite direction. they want to make the device that you carry around with you all day, as large and as heavy as they possibly can. Screen sizes have grown to 5.5", and so have the dimensions and weight of those phones. Where will the growth stop? At 6", 7", 8"??? Here's is a usability clue for Android phone makers: Holding a 4" display a couple of inches closer to you gives the same virtual size as a 5" display. It's true, you can magically make your display bigger by holding it closer, and still keep the size, weight, and battery usage down. ;-)
  • Here's is a usability clue for for ViewRoyal:
    Buy a 20" tv and sit closer to it and all of a sudden you have a giant home theater screen to enjoy! Or hold your d**k closer to your face and it will be gigantic!
  • First time I totalIy agree with Rene in what he has to say. He left a side his iFanboyism and wrote an excellent piece.
    I'm Not an iphone by any means, but I know the i5 is the best iphone yet, but I just prefer the GS3 cuz I think it's better in every aspect. If Rene keeps writing this way, I will read all his posts. Keep it up pal
  • Why is the Samsung GS3 held up as the best Android phone? The screen still has an ugly pentile matrix, it's still made from cheap plastic materials and has poor build quality. HTC One X is just as powerful, with a screen that is as good or better than Apple's retina display, has a nice polycarbonate chassis and great build quality. Do Android users have such a low bar for quality that they champion the GS3 over superior phones like the One X? IMO the iPhone 5, One X and Lumia 920 are the best phones if you take all aspects of power, design, build quality, etc into account. The Samsung GS3 can't hang with the above 3.
  • You're sadly mistaken, the screen on the Galaxy S III is Stunning, Pentile or not. And many people forget that Pentile isn't what it used to be, its improved throughout the years especially at 720p resolution its a non-issue. Obviously Mercury also forgets how the GS3 is also made out of Polycarbonate exactly the same material as the One X with only a different finish. People seriously need to do their homework and spend some time with the devices before they trash talk. Its very Obvious that the GS3 and iPhone 5 are both a cut above the One X in mostly all aspects.
  • I'm sorry but compare a pentile HD screen to a proper LCD with full RGB like the iPhone or One X and there is no comparison. The GS3 might be made from polycarbonate as well, but the quality difference between the SG3 and the One X and Lumia in your hand is night and day. The GS3 feels like a cheap Chinese knock off phone compared to the competition. What makes GS3 so special? The SOC used? The 2gigs of ram? What's the point if the screen is substandard and it feels like a dollar store kids phone in your hands?
  • I disagree, the GS3 feels very solid in the hand and this is coming from somebody who's every previous phone has been an htc Uni-body Aluminum phone before. The screen is not substandard at all, just because you choose to act like a fan boy, doesn't mean its substandard.
  • From my own opinion and reviews everyone has said the s3 feels great in the arm due to the curves... As for screen lol unless you have your eyes literally cm away from the screen you will not see any pixels and the average Joe could care less let alone what rgb or penile is cause if people did care then the s3 would not be selling so well... Build quality again nothing is wrong with it, there is no creeks etc.. The battery door bends but will not break. polycarbonate is polycarbonate mate and like it or its just fancy plastic..I've tried an one x and the screen is nice but I will pick true black over any screen. The one x feels larger in the hand and is not as great to hold as the s3 due to the lack of a curves.. What's the difference between one x poly vs s3 poly minus the glossy finish which is more dirt repellant than matte finish.. Seen plenty of complaints of the white one x getting smudges of other colours example one x getting blue smudges from Blue jeans etc... Ps they are both great phones and honestly the removal storage and battery is what won me over the one x and also home button... I have to get phone with a physical centre button of some kind... Everyone phone o hae owned has had a physical button on the front some her... I just hate capacitive buttons as someone when gaming you can activate them.
  • I'm assuming that Thor is the iPhone ;) Pre-ordered mine when they went on sale and it'll be here Friday. My brother pre-ordered his that afternoon and it won't even ship for two weeks! HA!
  • its funny how you try to compare the 2 and you dont mention half of the things s3 does.
    s3 has the better cpu(i-phone new one is dual core), the bigger screen and hd resolution. apple dont have hd res. jusst under it.
    s3 is more durable . it has gorilla glass 2 screen which is better at taking knocks. apple i-phone dont. which is why you allways see so many iphone screens shattered, so much for i-phones build quality!
    on paper s3 has better battery time. and tests done showed it had the best of mobiles out now. its battery can be changed by your self if it runs out of juice not like i-phone not being able to do so.
    it has bigger screen, i was one of those that didnt want bigger screen but once i tried it i will never go back to smaller screen as they are so much better to read to type,to play games or watch movies....(i finished reading game of thrones 6 books on s3.)
    there is no nfc on i-phone for payments but s3 has. no wireless charging on i-phone but s3 has.
    no dlna suppoert on i-phone neither. on 4g Lte on i-phone you wont be able to do data and talk at the same time, on s3 you can. s3 can connect wirelessly to your tv and you can use wire less mouse,keyboard,ps3 controller, harddrives, and see everthing on tv playing games.....stuff like xbox kinekt(using camera of s3 to do movment on some games has started rolling out now too for android. free sat-nav where as in i-phone drive satnav was to be paid for. no restrictions of i-tunes and any song you buy is yours , not like itunes its only borrowed to you even you pay more...
    all the new functions on i-phone already existed on android or s3 .
    s3 is stable and easy to use and i can say that after using it since june.
    it does real multi tasking something i-phone 5 cant do yet!(which is why i-phone runs smoothly on less hardware)
    3 years a go android was laggish but now it have move ahead of i-phone. so basicly s3 is better software and hardware wise.
    as for 4g lte, there is a problem with it everyone should consider before spending money. i-phone will come in 3 different 4g lte. because the will send in 3 different frq,1800 mhz,2xxx,8xx.. so different career have different frq and if you buy it on one you might not be able to use it on thers with 4g. some mobile dont have that problem, i-phone has! but what is exciting is not i-phone 5 or s3 anymore but note 2 coming out next week with spec that leaves everthing else to dust!
    note 2 is the best of them. as for design i personally perfer the samsung design, screen is in the right format, 16:9 just not right on mobiles and apple only got it because sharp had problems supplying in other format. all in all i-phone is cheaper to make than s3 and note 2 but will cost more. make your choice wisely and dont get fooled by marketing hypes...
  • He said all these things ass hole. If you want to say these thing go to AndroidCentral and tell people at the iPhone 5 and GS3 comparison. This is an IPHONE SITE. Now stop trolling. This is for iPhone users only not for android fanboy trollers.
  • @noobee. Dude, your entire post is based on opinion, not fact. Which is fine for you I guess and be happy with what you have. But lots of drivel and I'm pissed that I can't have the two+ minutes back that it took to read your novella.
  • Well written piece. I was pleasantly surprised to see this kind of article here, last sentence notwithstanding. I have to agree with most points, in particular I like inclusion of support availability. Such things are usually overlooked by people with geeky tendencies (such as myself). I'd only argue that software update to newest version of Android for SGS III has already been committed by Samsung and should come this or next month. While updates (or lack of) is a problem for many on Android, flagship devices are usually treated pretty well. Apple will still win on this front though thanks to limited number of devices that they support.
  • Is LTE voice + data available in Canada though?
  • If your carrier uses GSM network it should be available. CDMA network is where the problem is.
    Someone correct me if I'm wrong
  • Wow Rene, well wrote article. When you are being a journalist, you do pretty damn good. Thank you for this. That said, you are right, you would buy these devices depending on what your preference is. One phone is NOT better than the other one, or an upgrade, just a side grade, depending on what you like. Now that iPhone has panoramic cameras, it has one of the fetures I have been enjoying for years now. I don't use android widgets, so it's a wash for me. I hate iTunes, and I hate the fact that you have to use the Apple store for service, and for the insurance. That is why I went with Android. I never, ever want iTunes anywhere near my computer, and that is what sealed it for me. All other bulllshit aside, iTunes killed the iPod and iPhone for me.
  • Excellent article Rene. I ordered the iPhone 5 before I read the article. I can see a bit of the bias but to be honest when I started out reading, I though OMG, did I make the right choice? I agree that the SGS3 is a beast and I currently use the original Galaxy so I am familiar with the Android OS. There were 2 major things that caused me to switch over to iOS.
    1. My phone is running the last available OS: Gingerbread. It's good, but certainly not current. The real issue though is that this update was available for MONTHS, before I could get it! Arghh. Apple treats it customers more fairly; I like that.
    2. I bought and love the iPad 2 so almost all of my apps will be on the new iPhone.
  • Yeah, I've ragged on Rene before about his fanboyism but I must admit he kept it in check( mostly) for this article.
    Must have been hard for you Rene!
  • Of the main guys for each site, (Rene, Phil, Dan, Derek and Kevin) Rene keeps it the most in check. Dan is a balls-out, unapologetic Microsoft anything fanboy and to him everything else is crap. The day he says something good about Apple I'll eat my iPhone. Phil tries but he hates Apple and it creeps in sometimes... see his "Post your Apple hate here" post from a few days ago. Kevin and Derek we have to give passes to. Kevin because he's the original Crackberry fanboy and Derek because... well... RIP webOS.
  • I'm always bustin' Kevin's balls on Crackberry because I know he uses iPhone and iPad regularly in his personal life, but he stirs up the Apple hate on the site!
  • That was a good unbiased article!
    Always love reading your articles!!
  • Wow! Thanks, Rene, that was great! I've been reading this site since 1 year ago or so when Sprint got the iPhone and I had to pull the plug on my beloved webOS and customizing via Homebrew. The UI was and is the best in the business, but the hardware and reliability sucked. Some of the same strengths of the iPhone and iOs that you pointed out also led me to ditching Windows (thank god!) and getting an iMac and then an iPad. I really appreciate your even-handed review of both devices. When I first switched from PreCentral/webOS Nation to Tipb/iMore, I was disappointed in the drop in writing quality, but, Rene, this has to be your best piece yet! (And Derek Kessler is writing here more often, too--one of the best bloggers in the business!) But, really, what we're buying with an iPhone, the iPad, and Macs is the ecosystem, the stability, and--I hate to say it, but it's true--the "just works" factor. I tweaked the heck out of my Palm Pre (including the "FrankenPre 2), but I have no interest in Jailbreaking my 4S. iCloud syncing between devices makes my business and personal life less stressful because I need to have everything consistent and synced etc. Can't wait for iOS6! Thanks again! I will be sharing this article all around for others to get the lowdown on the two devices.
  • Good article, Rene. Just one comment: You write: "You don't need to be able to see or hear, for example, to get considerable value from an iPhone." I think you probably do need to be able to either see or hear to get value from it. Not much value from the smell, taste, or touch senses yet. Maybe in the iPhone 5S ( the "S" stands for "smell")?
  • Can u compare the the iPhone 5 with the SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 2 please Thanks :3
  • I almost cringed before I read the article. Reason was I just browsed through cultofandroid and there seems to be a lot of hate against Apple. A mistake on my sensitive apples! I guess. Massive bias towards Android is fine, it's cultofandroid. But the hate is pretty blatant. It's like...chillax. You don't like iPhones? Cool. Get something else. Gawd.
  • Awesome read. I thought you were dead on and this is how I try to explain to people who argue about this. I love both android and iOS. They each have different things that I use and their own way of doing it. I'm currently on Android, galaxy nexus running jellybean and it's awesome. They have done great things with it since the gingerbread days. But I miss my iphone and iOS a lot. That's why I entered the contest to win an iphone 5! Lol
  • I was really torn on which product to get, the iphone 5 or GS3. For the last two years I have been using the GS1, and for 18 months of them I absolutely HATED it! I have a Macbook aluminum, that oddball of a macbook without firewire (oh how I dread that purchase!) and all of my media content did not sync over easily to the GS1. I was looking forward to the day when the iphone 5 would come out and do two things: 1. increase memory 2. drop its price. I understand that the iphone is a premium product, but my situation is restricted by finances and the need for large amounts of memory. I use more GS1 for music, but mostly for filming, internet, and web surfing. Music, and especially HD film, requires large amounts of memory. My music library alone has more than 10 GB, video much more than that. In the base model of the iphone 5, which I could purchase for 179 Euro with a 2 year contract, only has 16 GB. I do NOT have the funds to spend an additional 100-200 Euro for 16-48 GB's of memory. The GS3 LTE was on sale for 30 Euro with a 2 year contract. With the ability to trade out 64 GB microSD cards I can add up to 230 GB of additional memory for the same price with the purchase of a GS3. As for the lesser build quality all my phones go in otterbox cases, so unless the unit gets run over by a car I would prefer the phone with GorillaGlas 2 on the screen (correct me if the iphone 5 has this feature as well). As for IOS the reason why I stopped hating my GS1 was because me PC friend installed the Cyanogen Mod to my phone. Holy. Smokes! That turned my annoying little GS1 from a nightmare into a dream come true! All my issues stopped (lag, crashes, etc). Would I prefer to have an iphone 5? Mostly, but not for the difference in price point and the ability to add memory if necessary. If the 32 GB model of the iphone 5 had been 179 euro I probably would have coughed up the cash. Also the idea of needing to purchase more expensive apple adapters (breakable, easy to loose with small children burying them in the sandbox) so that my phone would be compatible with all my other ipod gadgets pushed me over (again, danget) into getting a Samsung Galaxy product. Thanks for your great review!
  • Last sentence just rocks.
  • "Otherwise get the sleekest, slimmest, easiest to use, most mainstream friendly, most content rich, most well supported phone in the industry -- the iPhone 5." Game. Set. Match.
  • Why get all worked up? If you don't like the article, you don't like the article. The author is giving his thoughts on which phone is better. Don't like it? Go out and make the decision for yourself as to which handset you should buy.
  • For me, customer service is an 11 in priority scale. I tend to have bad luck with devices, for my own stupidity to just weird crap that only happens to me (not just Apple devices), I tend to need support for my device at some point. Never. Ever. EVER have I had such a consistently positive and painless experience as I've had with Apple. EVER. Previously if I had a problem with a phone, it might be gone for weeks, I'd have to scramble to find a crappy phone to substitute while it was gone. Now, however, if I have an issue, I simply walk into an Apple store and I'm done in 15 minutes with a working device. Nowhere else for the price you even pay for the AppleCare + can answer that. NO WHERE. The phones are a close call in specs, and in "OOOOOOOH wow" the S3 with its screen, camera, additional storage sure make it technically a step above Apple, but no. I have almost a thousand apps on my idevices. I have 2 iPads and 2 iPhones (soon to be 3), and every app I pay for runs across every device. There is no logical argument I could find to move, simply for that. And since no one can even match the clarity and consistency of the iPad, which has become my primary device for everything, moving away would make no sense, unless the competition offered me the moon. So the two things most important to me, the established ecosystem and world class mind bogglingly great customer service, make my decision to get an iPhone 5 the easiest decision I've ever, ever, ever made. But I give major kudos to this article. This is what people who blindly bash apple never think about, they never take the time to see that, while we love our iPhones, we ARE able to see the comparisons and can fairly evaluate them on their various merits. And as always, what might be important to some people (customer service, ability to share everything) might not be the focus for others (massive screens, widgets, endless customizing). I still can't believe I have to wait 6 freaking more days. ARRRGH!!! At least I will have borderlands 2 to keep me busy ;)
  • Big Galaxy S user here who has had the Galaxy S, SII, SII Skyrocket, Galaxy Note (still have) and the Galaxy S III now. I must say this was a good article. I still come here because my daughter is still a huge iphone fan and I try to keep up with the info (we have many Apple products in our home! Macs, ipads, ipods, Apple TV). I am usually on Android Central though.
    Glad to see the bigger screen and LTE coming to iphone. My wife and I both have S III's and use NFC to S Beam pics and large video files of the kids to each others phone. I do not plan on using it for payments (if they ever get ISIS up) but it does have other uses, such as smart tags etc. Enjoy your iphone 5's, it looks like a pretty good upgrade! ps Hulk rules!
  • Interesting but, ultimately, an uniformed article. Hardware Apple iPhone 5 - 4.0" 1136 x 640 LED backlit IPS TFT LCD 326 ppi (613 sub-pixels per inch)
    Samsung Galaxy S III 4.8" 1280x720 HD SAMOLED Plus 306 ppi (401 sub-pixels per inch)
    The problem with comparing the two devices is that the Apple iPhone 5 has a far superior 3 subpixel per pixel arrangement versus Samsung Galaxy S III which has a 2 subpixel per pixel (RGBG PenTile) arrangement. Furthermore, the Apple iPhone 5 provides nearly perfect sRGB Standard Color Gamut accuracy at 99% which means that color reproduction is unrivaled. Apple iPhone 5 - Apple A6 SOC (system-on-a-chip) POP (package-on-package) 32 nm (CMOS) LP HK+MG process presumably using a 1.2 GHz dual-core ARM Cortex A15 CPU and 200 MHz quad-core PowerVR SGX543MP4 GPU with 1 GB LPDDR2 RAM
    Samsung Galaxy S III - Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 MSM8960 SOC (system-on-a-chip) POP (package-on-package) 28 nm (CMOS) LP HK+MG process using a 1.5 GHz dual-core Krait with Adreno 225 with 2 GB LPDDR2 (the article-referenced Exynos 4412 4 Quad with Mali-400 MP and 1 GB LPDDR2 is the international version) this article demonstrates bias by pairing the better specifications from two different models into a single smartphone which doesn't exist. Performance rather than Specification is the true means to benchmark a smartphone. As we already know that the Apple iPhone 4S (PowerVR SGX543MP2) GPU outperforms the Adreno 225 in the Samsung Galaxy S III we can conclude that the improved performance of the Apple iPhone 5 (presumably quad-core PowerVR SGX543MP4 GPU) is far superior. While the Apple iPhone 4S GPU provides significantly better performance than the Samsung Galaxy S III, the Samsung Galaxy S III CPU provides a manifest performance improvement versus the Apple iPhone 4S averaging approximately 40% better. As Apple claims the Apple iPhone 5 is twice as fast as the Apple iPhone 4S we can conclude that the Apple iPhone 5 is significantly faster than the Samsung Galaxy S III. While some may prefer expandable storage, such should not necessarily be considered advantageous. In an age where many companies offer persistent, ubiquitous cloud storage and file synchronization on-device storage is not an absolute requirement. In fact, many would argue it is disadvantageous since expandable storage is not typically replicated for redundancy. Regarding voice and data a slight edge does appear to favor the Samsung Galaxy S III; however, Wi-Fi connectivity is ubiquitous in most areas one would reasonable expect to use simultaneous voice and data (e.g. in an home or office setting). The Apple iPhone 5 does offer DC-HSDPA as well which the Samsung Galaxy S III apparently does not. The battery life of the Samsung Galaxy S III has never lived up to the claims of Samsung while the Apple iPhone series has matched Apple's claims very closely in most instances. Notably missing are discussions of reliability and security which are important factors as well. Independent reports have indicated that Apple is the clear leader in smartphone reliability (and customer service when necessary) and security. Overall, the article seems written by an uniformed writer who favors the Android operating system. Of course, the lack of publicly availableperformance benchmarks for the Apple iPhone 5 this can be forgiven but reposting such a biased article written by an Android fan site can not.
  • Damn you sound so sexy!! I love big brains...
  • For the storage section, I'd like to add that next month (I believe), Samsung is releasing 64gb S3's. The S3 also has more color options (red, blue, white, black and gray) than the iPhone (white and black). May seem small, but some people like having a red phone.
  • I read the article and agreed with a few points here and there and disagreed with a few points here and there. But what i would really like to comment on is the description that rene used by means of his pictures. When i see the HULK i see big,powerful, unstoppable, but extremely stupid. On the other hand i see Thor who is medium,powerful, basically unstoppable, and very intelligent.....
    an Gs3 behind one and an iphone behind the other hmmmmmmm
  • That's not a fair assessment lol. The hulk and Thor went head to head in the movie but remember who got the last hit ;-)
  • This is the Rene I know lol. Very good read and very fair comparison. Now no more calling people's opinions wrong xoxo
  • You should, and will, get what you want. My first feature requirement in a mobile device is high speed data access. For me, that means VZW 4GLTE. Second requirement is SVDO so that I can surf/talk at same time. In practical terms, use tethering and still receive/make phone calls, and, non stop vehicle navigation while maintaining access to telephony functions. I like big beautiful displays, quick and solid h/w, intuitive interface and RTR out of the box. Plenty of builtin storage and external storage. Access to an adequate App and content store. Not interested, currently, in Rooting/Roming or Jailbreaking. Original choice was HTC TBolt. But I had one last chance at a subsidized phone, keeping my current unlimited data. So I went with the best VZW device available that met my requirements and wants, Samsung GS3. Couldn't be happier! I debated about my upgrade decision for a few weeks and I am glad now that I pulled the trigger. Superb call quality, BT, GPS, NFC etc. I have no trouble using the GS3 one-handed. Performance is awesome. Radios/WiFi are strong and stable. I easily hit 4GLTE d/l speeds of 30+Mbps around the Minneapolis Metro area. I am now addicted to the big beautiful display. So, I will take a good look at the GNote2 if it comes to VZW. It would need to meet my 4GLTE and SVDO requirements. Thanks for asking Rene. Happy mobile computing to all!
  • A very informative balanced article. I think everyone should experience all 3 platforms, reviews are good but individual preferences are so important ie aesthetics, functionality (not everyone needs everything eg NFC), colors. I have pre ordered the Iphone 5 but only after testing the Galaxy S3 at gizmotakeout and also the older Lumias. My wife will get the Lumia 820, she likes the Lumias again after trying it out at gizmotakeout.
  • I came here from the Android Centrals comparison between these two devices. And I was sure that it would be like "Ye Apple rules woho buy the iPhone"(thats the experience I have of other iPhone/Apple sites) but I'm impressed. This was a very good comparison and it was a fair one. So yea very well written!
    Both devices looks good and I could go with either one of them. If I had the money =P
  • Great article rene :)
  • No reading necessary: The iPhone is the best! Really hope to win it! Laurens
  • lol, what a surprise, a guy with a site called iMore prefers the iPhone. but, it was a good review, short and sweet, even if with an inevitable finale.
  • I think there is something that you are missing. I have an iPad 2, and I just recently ordered my iPod Touch 5G, so I use a lot of iTunes as my main music provider. However, I own a Galaxy Nexus and absolutely love it. Because of this, I occasionally use my phone for music. My entire iTunes library of music is synced with Google Play Music, so I can access it on my phone. You don't really need to get an iPhone if you rely that heavily on iTunes
  • i have the samsung s 3 and i think its a great fone but if your not in 2 gadgets then its a hard fone to use. i was very upset with the i phone 5 just coz it did not had the wow factor i was hoping for but having a better screen was the only thing i can say is great about the new i phone. apple is easier to use if you need a fone to pick up and go n can not bad added to play around with the setting to give it your own feel. if apple was not so based around every thing apple i think apple would b much better in my eyes ppl dont like the feel of being tied down and boxed but over all they are both great phones to the ppl that they are trying 2 target to
  • its a hard competition between samsung s3 and iphone5. both are great phones to use
    it's a draw both phones have unique feature. both are best phones of this generation.
  • Okay I has iPhone 4s and didn't want to wait to iPhone 5 so I upgraded to Galaxy S3 I had the phone two days and was trying to download my digital copies of movies to it and they wouldn't work on phone yet they worked just fine on iPhone. So I ended up returning the phone and waiting on iPhone 5 now. I have had many android phones and if you are not tech smart it can be very hard to get all your music and movies on to android where iPhone and iTunes go hand and hand. I also noticed that my apps on android would freeze or force close a lot, but the same apps on iPhone never have any issues. So although I found the s3 beautiful and bigger than 4s the iPhone is more user friendly and easier to figure out all it's goodies.
  • Pretty good review. I like how Rene links to the android central review in the 1st paragraph. Read both and you'll get a well rounded review. Bottom line: The iPhone 5 is good, but doesn't "blow" people away. It's the best device out right now. Same could have been said about the S3 before the 5 came along. I'm sure the next android device should beat the iPhone 5. I would hope so, competition is good.
  • The absence of widgets is a big deal-breaker for me. With the enormous variety of widgets, custom launchers and little tweaks I can do to the SIII, I can mold it specifically for me. Not to mention the ability to change out ROMs and all that good stuff. Luckily, the SIII is a notoriously easy phone to root/unlock. Jailbreaking has its perks, but the SIII is particularly malleable. Unfortunately, I didn't get an SIII for myself, I got it for my dad (I'm stuck on the Motorola Atrix because I figured out how to install Ubuntu on it so I could replace my laptop for school use. Regular ol' HDMI-out's pretty nice in that regard :P). I was initially worried he wouldn't be able to figure it out, but I set up the interface to be as chic, and as simple as possible. I daresay it's the slickest damn phone I've ever had the pleasure to set up. The huge screen's easy on the old man's eyes, and I customized all the icons so they all had a nice silvery sheen. Now he can watch his movies from afar with his bluetooth headset at the factory. The screen is somewhat dim, unfortunately, which did bother me. While it's true that many manufacturers of Android devices tend to hold out on updates in hopes that you'll simply buy their latest-and-greatest device, updates to iOS devices aren't exactly as full-featured as you make them seem--and for the same reason that the Android manufacturers do it--because they want you to buy the new phone. As I recall, the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS won't be getting Siri or the new panorama feature (even if that can be solved through a 3rd party app). I give Android a lot of lip service, and it's because I really dig the ability to customize, and the freedom offered by the Android platform. If I don't like something Samsung did, I don't have to sit around complacently and deal with it--I can go to somewhere like XDA developers and change every last detail... assuming I'm capable of learning all there is to know. For an old guy like my dad, he won't need all the bells and whistles I'd like--he loves the SIII the way it is. But, hopefully by next weekend I'll give him a taste of Jellybean unless Samsung beats me to it (an international version of the ROM has already been leaked).
    In addition, the things on the Play Store tend to be a lot cheaper than those on the iPhone's app store--which is really odd, considering iOS devices are more unified and Android is a lot more fragmented. But one thing's for sure: If I can't remove the battery, and if I can't expand the memory, I don't want it.
  • Dear Friend, How much you get paid for this much fake comparision and spoiling the image of Galaxy s3. please see the actual comparision here >> http://www.gsmarena.com/compare.php3?idPhone1=4238&idPhone2=4910....
    first of all you didnt mentioned many great advantages which can lead iph5 behind...thats
    1. S3 is with Corning Gorilla Glass 2
    2. Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen (i5 is just TFT)
    3. 720 x 1280 pixels, 4.8 inches (~306 ppi pixel density) while i5 is 640 x 1136 pixels, 4.0 inches (~326 ppi pixel density)...if you compare the screen size s3 is better.
    4. Secondry camera of s3 is 1.9 MP, 720p@30fps while i5 is 1.2mp
    5. you have just mentioned i5 battery life ..compare S3;s battery life (do not hide the reality) please 6. THE MOST IMPORTANT ... S3 has a Quad-core 1.4 GHz Cortex-A9 CPU not DUAL CORE.... most of your info. about S3 is fake.. you just want to make iphone5 the best phone as you imagine. it will take centuries to leave S3 behind and even if Apple will be succeded then tell them to wait just 2 month. Samsung monster Noet2 is on the way.
  • Comparison you say
    1. S3 is with Corning Gorilla Glass 2...
    Drop tests
    #1 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4zQKeAEqsQ
    #2 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6M5q5TRuAsY 2. Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen (i5 is just TFT)
    One is not clearer or brighter than the other. But if you want to argue
    #1 - http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-19512_7-57510802-233/iphone-5-vs-galaxy-s3-...
    #2 - http://www.trustedreviews.com/opinions/iphone-5-vs-samsung-galaxy-s3 3. 720 x 1280 pixels, 4.8 inches (~306 ppi pixel density) while i5 is 640 x 1136 pixels, 4.0 inches (~326 ppi pixel density)...if you compare the screen size s3 is better.
    Yes for viewing your phone is may be better. But for us who carry their phone around in their pocket it may not be as convenient. 4. Secondry camera of s3 is 1.9 MP, 720p@30fps while i5 is 1.2mp
    I've never taken pictures with the screen facing someone. Besides .7mp really? Depending on lighting in the room, shaky hand and angle of the phone its not that much of a difference someones going to say WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO. 5. you have just mentioned i5 battery life ..compare S3;s battery life (do not hide the reality) please
    Both phones suck, get over over it. Bc everyone has a home charger, car charger and i even have one at work. Do you really want to carry a spare battery around with you just bc you phone has the ability to change batteries. Your life wont end if your phone dies, remember we lived lives perfectly well before cell phones were invented. 6. THE MOST IMPORTANT ... S3 has a Quad-core 1.4 GHz Cortex-A9 CPU not DUAL CORE....
    Here is the United States the S3 is a DUAL CORE, but lets say we arent in the USA. And you have your 2gb QUAD CORE vs the 1gb Dual Core
    - http://www.extremetech.com/computing/136291-iphone-5-benchmarks-slower-t... ( it barely out performed the iPhone)
  • Awesome comparison. I own the s lll now and I hate it. If I can find an old blackberry I think I will enjoy it better. Last option is an iPhone. No group texting with new Samsung. Huge miss there.
  • I gave the S3 a go and the phone is great. The biggest issue I had was that you can't connect it to the latest OSX. Android File Transfer doesn't recognise the phone and Kies isn't compatible yet. I contacted Samsung and "they are working on a fix". Two months later nothing. So I find transferring files from the Mac to the S3 fiddly at best so I am taking it back as a manufacturers default. Now iPhone 5 or not.....
  • I loved your text! Nice job! When I looked at the title of this article, I was sure that you would defend iPhone and kill the GS3, but you showed the strong and weak points of both cellphones, so the reader can decide which one he prefers...
    I was using an iPhone 4, and saved a lot of money to buy the brand new Apple's phone. But, at the end, I bought the GS3 because everybody was saying good things about it. At the begining, I had some difficults with the smartphone (I realized it wasn't as simple as the iPhone), but then I started learning a lot of stuffs, and, finally, I'm happy with the GS3... But I also miss the iPhone :(
    P.S: sorry about the English, I'm brazillian...
  • If your comparison is really meant for a mainstream audience, then you should have also mentioned that the Samsung uses a normal micro usb charger, like pretty much every other phone made in the last 2 years, so people likely have an extra or two for the car, etc. The iPhone 5 isn't even compatible with the 4s, so you'll immediately need to purchase an adaptor or live with only one. If you lose the one, you'll have to shell out 30 bucks or whatever for a new one, rather than grabbing a micro usb cable from any lost and found for free. Apple loves making people pay for chargers rather than common ones.
  • Samsung made the A6 chip moron. 9to5mac.com/2012/09/15/apples-a6-chip-verbage-reveals-samsung-built-processor-1gb-of-1066mhz-ram/
  • Top reasons why I am trading my new Samsung in for any other phone...
    -battery life is very short
    -can't reply to group texts...o wait u can but they have to download the app for group texting.
    -screen goes blank and pauses at times
    -email accounts won't sync
    I have never dropped it and really looked forward to this phone. But I am done and will probably go to iPhone.
    Get the issues fixed then call me, maybe.
  • I bought mine for only 247 in androidmania.miiduu.com
  • I been android user for years but I want something smaller and faster so when t-mobile offered up the iphone 5 I jumped on it figured millions people couldn't be wrong right? I was wrong it's the simple of customizing, organizing and simple little things that make your phone part of your day to day life. Apple offer nothing and a lot the more useful stuff it wants you to pay for. I have never bought app and will not a start now! Apple is like the government! Maybe I'll grow to like now that I'm stuck with it but unless they throw in some freedom I dont see that happening!
  • nice post