Save $40 on AnoStyle anodized color treatments for iPhone 5 and iPad mini

Save $40 on AnoStyle anodized color treatments for iPhone 5 and iPad mini

Been lusting after an AnoStyle anodized color treatment for your iPhone 5 or iPad mini? Well, you're in luck. Our own Ally Kazmucha, one of the awesome folks behind the awesome AnoStyle process, has whipped up a special promo code just for our equally awesome iMore readers.

Hurry on over and save $40 now on either an iPhone 5 or iPad mini AnoStyle with coupon code IMORENINJAS125.

If you're not familiar with AnoStyle, it uses a similar process to Apple's slate process, but it's even stronger, can help mask existing nicks and scratches, and can be done in way, way more colors.

This isn't a case. It isn't a paint job. It's your iPhone or iPad given new chromatic life. (I'm getting them to experiment on my iPhone 5, and I'll show you the results sometime during Macworld|iWorld next week!)

Order now: AnoStyle

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