Save on your monthly phone bill with a free $50 credit to Ting

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Don't just accept the price you pay for your monthly phone bill. Switching carriers is easy these days, and you can usually score quite a savings by doing so. For instance, Ting is giving new customers $50 in credit for free (opens in new tab) just for signing up today, and unlike so many other "free" deals you'll see around the net, there are really no secret strings to this one. Of course, Ting is a phone carrier, so you'll be signing up for a monthly plan by joining today. However, Ting does things a bit different than other carriers; for one, there's no contract to worry about. If you decide the service isn't right for you, you can cancel at any time without getting stuck with some expensive cancellation fee.

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Free $50 Ting Mobile credit (opens in new tab)

Ting saves you money on your monthly phone bill by charging you for data you actually use, rather than some costly unlimited plan that's not even truly unlimited. Earn $50 to put towards your account for free by joining through the following link.

That's not the only difference between Ting and other carriers, and it's actually not even the biggest one. Even more important is how Ting charges you each month. Rather than purchasing some "unlimited" tier of service for a plan that doesn't actually offer unlimited data, Ting charges you based on the data you do use each month. That tends to mean you end up paying a lot less than customers of other phone carriers. The average Ting customer spends only $23 a month and has access to nationwide LTE and GSM calling, texting, data, calls to over 60 countries, and even international roaming.


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With the free Ting app for iOS and Android, you can even monitor your daily and monthly usage, set data limits, and keep an eye on your monthly bill as it rises with the data you use. While that might seem a bit scary at first, the $50 credit you receive for free will give you enough room to try out the service without spending your own cash in the process.

You can bring your current device over to Ting's network, or you can choose to purchase a new device from Ting. Another smart idea would be to buy one of these best budget smartphones to keep the cost as low as possible.

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