Should you upgrade to the iPhone 11?

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iPhone 11 Screens Rene Hero (Image credit: Rene Ritchie)

Should you upgrade to the iPhone 11?

Best answer: This is not an easy yes or no. Your decision to upgrade will depend on your current phone model and budget. If you have an older iPhone model 7 or 8, then yes, an upgrade to iPhone 11 is definitely in order. But if you've got a newer iPhone X or XS, then you have to decide if the upgrade is worth the benefits. Check out some important criteria below to help you decide.Advanced & Colorful: iPhone 11 ($699 at Apple)

Current iPhone model

Anyone working with an iPhone 7 or 8 is probably noticing some performance issues by now. After a few years, your battery life might drain faster, the phone may not run as fast, and the storage capacity may not seem to hold as much as it once did. Not to mention the outdated camera, processor, and so on. So if you've got an older phone, an iPhone 11 will be an enormous improvement across the board - well worth the upgrade.

On the other hand, if you've just finished paying off a newer iPhone X or XS, the answer is not as clear-cut. Your decision to upgrade will depend on how you use your phone and which features are a priority for you. Take a look at some of the features and benefits below before you decide.

When looks matter

While the color and look of the phone may not seem as important to some people, this is a device you use all day, every day, so you want to love how it looks. The iPhone X and XS both came in a limited color selection based on blacks, golds, and grays. If you were disappointed in the lack of color selection when you bought it, then you may be downright sick of the bland color by now. If you love a bright, colorful phone right off the shelf, then the iPhone 11 is a pretty attractive choice with its lineup of five gorgeous colors.

The display is another thing to consider here. The iPhone 11 display is a bit larger than iPhone X models, and it has a faster processor to produce slightly better graphics. The difference is not huge, but if you're a visual person, this could be enough to justify an upgrade. Also, when compared to the iPhone 7 and 8 models, the graphics, speed, and screen size of the iPhone 11 is a huge improvement.

A big camera upgrade

No matter if you're rocking an iPhone 8 or an iPhone XS, the camera on the iPhone 11 is going to be a significant upgrade. The dual-lens camera on the 11 model provides extra-wide photos, slo-mo videos, and excellent night mode for low-light situations. None of these benefits are available on any previous model. The night-mode is such an improvement over the iPhone X, this feature alone might make the iPhone 11 worth the buy. If you're a photographer, or if you just love taking top-quality photos, then an upgrade is probably the right choice.

Storage & battery life

Once again, when it comes to storage and battery, a lot will depend on what you're currently working with. If you purchased an iPhone X with only 64GB of storage, you might have decided by now that this isn't enough to support your music or photography habits. In this case, upgrading to a larger 256GB iPhone 11 would be a great upgrade.

The same goes for battery life. While the iPhone X and iPhone 11 have somewhat similar battery life (10 hours vs. 10.5 hours), an older iPhone 7 or 8 may not be giving you even half of that. So if your current model is barely getting you through lunch before it dies, the long-lasting iPhone 11 could make a significant difference in your daily routine.

Budget considerations

Of course, budget is always the most critical factor when considering an upgrade. Those of you with older models that are three or more years old have likely had more time to save up the cash for a new phone, and you have a lot to gain with the upgrade. It's a lot easier to justify the cost if you're getting a massive upgrade in a much more advanced phone.

For those who've just dropped almost a grand on a new iPhone XS a year or two ago, it might be harder to justify the expense. Keep in mind, if your iPhone X is in perfect condition, you can trade it in for a significant discount. You can check this easily on the Apple website.

Who should upgrade to iPhone 11?

In short, for those of you who are still rocking an iPhone 7 or 8, the upgrade to iPhone 11 will be a significant jump forward in technology and well worth the price. The 11 model will be faster with better graphics and a much longer battery life, not to mention a camera that's worlds ahead. This is a pretty easy decision to make - a definite yes.

Upgrading from an iPhone X or XS, however, may not be such a clear choice. If you're unhappy with the look and color of your current model, or if you made the mistake of purchasing a phone with too little storage, you could probably use an upgrade. Photographers and videographers also have a lot to gain from an upgrade since the iPhone 11 camera is a big step up in every way. If you don't really feel like any of these reasons are compelling enough to justify the expense of a new phone, then you should probably hold off for now.

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