Running, jumping, and falling are all critical parts of being successful in the new iOS game Sky Dancer, and with a few simple tips and tricks you can improve your high scores and earn more points!

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Aim for the Precise Jump bonus

At the edge of each platform you will notice a glowing white circle. If you jump from within that circle, you will get bonus points for performing a precise jump. Remember, you'll need both perfect position (center of the platform) and perfect timing to complete a precise jump.

Don't overcompensate while falling

The biggest mistake any newbie is going to make playing Sky Dancer is holding the screen too long while falling from platform to platform. Heck, even the game's tutorial teaches you that way, but I have had way more success by taking the "less is more" approach to falling.

Adjust the direction of your dancer in small increments; don't hold the screen too long. As you fall closer to the platform you'll be able to judge what direction your dancer needs to go to stick the landing.

Strive for the Perfect Landing bonus

If you land in the middle of a platform after falling you'll be rewarded with a perfect landing bonus. This is probably the hardest bonus to achieve, so don't get too frustrated if you miss it. Practice makes perfect!

Complete challenges to increase bonus points

At the beginning of each run you will be presented with a list of three objectives to accomplish. When you complete all of them, you'll increase your challenge level which increases the number of points you get for precise jump and perfect landing bonuses. That means you'll have the potential to earn a higher score in less time. It's the perfect way to smash through your old record.

Do you have any tips and tricks?

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