Slayaway Camp: Game Guide

Slayaway Camp is a morbidly funny take on the puzzle genre that tasks you with going on a killing spree, and no one you meet is safe! Unfortunately, at Slayaway Camp it's not quite a free-for-all when it comes to the maiming; there are cops, telephones, bookshelves, and other obstacles that get in the way of your homicidal tendencies.

If you're having trouble getting through the scenes, I'm here to help. I'll give you a breakdown of everything you need to know to get you back to your murdering ways.

Warning: Slayaway Camp is rated 17+ on the App Store, and the content below depicts scenes from the game, which could be disturbing to some readers. Discretion is advised.

How the mechanics work in Slayaway Camp

If you've played any other puzzle games similar to Slayaway Camp — like Red's Kingdom — the basic mechanics are pretty straightforward. Swipe in the direction you want your killer to travel, and they will slide in that direction until something gets in the way.

As you slide around the room, you'll need to dispose of all the people (except cops) in the level before the portal to the next scene appears.

How to kill characters

It's a little too terrifyingly easy to finish off an unsuspecting victim in Slayaway Camp. As you slide around each scene, any person you slide into will be promptly disposed of; of course, if you don't dismember your victims in the right order, you may find yourself rewinding the level a few times until you get it right.

How to scare characters

Sometimes you need your soon-to-be victims to move to a different location before you can turn them into worm food, and you can accomplish this by scaring characters.

If you slide beside a person, they will take the opportunity to run away from you in the opposite direction. Not only can this create a correct path for your killer to complete the scene, but it can also cause the fleeing victim to kill themselves by accident.

Extra kills for cash

At the end of each scene, your murderer will have the opportunity to remove another poor soul from existence by way of a mini-game.

There will be a skull icon that slides along a bar located along the bottom of your screen; tap the screen when the skull is in the red area to complete the gruesome deed and earn in-game cash. You can use this cash to buy other gore packs, which allow you to cause carnage in various funny ways.


There are quite a few obstacles that can help or hinder your quest to maim everyone in sight, and to become a true murder master you'll need to know how they all work!


Cops are always on the lookout for psycho killers like yourself, so you need to make sure to stay out of their line of sight. If you finish your movement directly in front of a cop, it will be game over for you and your killer.

Cops cannot be scared like other characters in the game, but you can still force them into the afterlife by sliding into them from the sides or the back where they can't see you coming.


Nobody at Sleepaway camp, including rampaging murderers, can swim. You'll want to avoid water at all costs. If you fall into any water, you'll be sleeping with the fishes.

If you scare characters into water, they will also die, so keep that in mind as you are moving about!


Like any good summer camp, Slayaway Camp has fire pits strewn about just begging to be used as marshmallow toasters; however, Skullface and your other killers use them to roast people.

You can scare campers into the fire pits, but Skullface and his group of killers will also be killed by firepits if you slide into them.


As you slice and dice your way through victims in Slayaway Camp, you'll come across some Holes that can be helpful or hurtful.

Just like fire and water, these holes will cause anyone who runs over them to end up 6 feet under. Sometimes you'll need to scare characters into these holes — just make sure you don't end up in one yourself.

Bookcases, refrigerators, dressers, and more

Throughout the game, you'll encounter objects that you can push over. You'll interact with bookcases first, but soon you'll notice other items such as refrigerators and dressers, which act the same way.

Hit these objects in the front or back, and they will tip over in that direction, which can squish any characters standing on the other side. You'll also notice that pushing over bookcases (and the other items) will unlock new paths for you to take on occasion.


Old school blue rotary phones must have been popular in the 80s because they are everywhere in Slayaway Camp, but they aren't just for show!

Telephones always come in pairs, and each one is a direct line to the other in the level. If you slide into a phone, you'll make a call to the other one, causing the nearest person to answer the phone. This changes the layout of the puzzle and presumably give your killer time to say something creepy like "seven days".

Are you enjoying Slayaway Camp?

The terrible story, the horribly fake gore, all the homages to 80s horror films — are you enjoying Slayaway Camp as much as I am? Let me know in the comments below or hit me up on Twitter

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